WOW 2015! What a year! Some people love Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas but ever since I became a coach New Years has become my favorite Holiday! Not because of parties or anything like that but because I stay home and design the next year of my life, what it will look like, what places I’ll see and how much my life will continue to change.

I also get to sit back and reflect on this past year and how much has happened!! I can’t believe all these memories were from ONE YEAR and it’s not even all of it! I just took 9 of my favorite photos but there are THOUSANDS of memories that I get to cherish forever and ever. I hope this inspires you today!

End of the Year Wrap up 2015!

We started the year in California with a phone call that our house had flooded and were homeless for a month. That same month we visited Puerto Rico for the first time and decided it was going to be our new home. We kept it a secret all year while we traveled the world and lived every experience to the fullest.

I took my Elite coaches on an adventurous trip to Jamaica where we have so many amazing memories that we laugh about almost every time we get together.  Spoiling them was a dream come true and we have an epic trip planned for 2016 and as you can imagine, it’s an island. 😉

I was asked to be on the Coach Advisory Board and help advise a billion dollar company on how I feel things can be improved, changed or kept the same. They flew me out to Utah where I served for my first time which was such an incredible experience! Can’t wait to do it again this year. See you guys soon.

Earned all all expenses paid trip to Mexico with my Set Your Soul On Fire team and hubby where we hung out, cried, laughed, partied, worked out and talked about how thankful we were to have such a kick ass job! It’s not easy and not everyone is cut out for it but I will forever have those moments with those girls that earned the trip last year and can’t wait to meet up again this year for the cruise to Haiti and Jamaica!

We were whisked away business class to Paris and Normandy where we were spoiled on a 5-Star vacation that was valued at more than 30K per person! We are blessed enough to be able to extend that trip and cross of one of my top 5 places I wanted to visit: Switzerland!! The whole time we didn’t have to worry about missing work, taking a pay cut or how much it cost. We just got to enjoy and experience and treated ourselves the whole way!

I had the honor of speaking to over 8,000 coaches at coach Summit about how to own yourself, your story and speak your truth! I also got to represent my incredible team for finishing #3 last year out of over 300K coaches and celebrate with them! I also was able to afford to fly my mom out and show her what her daughter has achieved so she could be proud and wrap her head around the whole thing, lol!! Excited to go back to Nashville in 2016!

The last half of the year started with taking my Diamond coaches to Costa Rica. I had the privilege of spoiling my top coaches with the gift of travel and seeing their faces as some of them got their first passports and enjoyed a week of relaxing at the Vida Asana Eco resort I rented out for them. We saw the rainforest, surfed, ate good food, worked out and connected at a deeper level. Excited to bring them my island in 2016 and show them what life can look like if you never ever give up on your dreams!

Later that SAME MONTH we drove across the United States in 4 days leaving behind our beloved West Coast and Pacific Northwest to drive to Miami, ship our family and surprise the world with a life changing move to the West Indies Island of Puerto Rico! We found the perfect home overlooking the ocean on the West Coast of the island and have loved getting into the groove of Island life and Caribbean living. The pirate life for us!

A few months later we were off to San Diego for Beachbody’s leadership retreat. Another all expenses paid trip where we are invested in, trained, spoiled and I also had the privilege of speaking and being flown in early for CAB meetings with the big dogs! I got to experience this event with two of my #SYSOF Elite coaches this year. To top it all off, we got taken on a cruise of the San Diego Bay via Yacht by the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler himself and all the celebrity trainers and other top coaches. Love that guy and all he does for us.

We then ended the year strong at a 6 day intensive LIFE CHANGING Tony Robbins seminar called DATE WITH DESTINY where we got to work on becoming better versions of ourselves and set our intentions for the rest of our year and life. This was a goal of mine ever since I was a new coach and I got to check it off my vision board. I also got to do it with my husband and it’s brought us even closer and stronger in our marriage. Life will never ever be the same. I can’t stop smiling.

WOW. And those are JUST the highlights!!!!!!! I have done more in this past year then I was set up to do IN MY LIFE and it was all because 5 years ago next month I said “yes” to an opportunity that would allow a life beyond my wildest dreams. I always say, if you try to control your life and the expectations you have of it — you will never EVER get to see it at the level I have had the privilege of seeing it. Once I let go of what I THOUGHT it was supposed to look like and just started saying “YES” to all the possibilities and opportunities is when the doors to the kingdom opened up to me.

I wanted to make one final comment. I wasn’t even going to talk about this because it’s not what I think about when I look back on this year BUT — as far as business goals go we hit the nail on the head. I successful TRIPLED my 6 figure income in just 12 months. TRIPLED!! Did I have to slave away at a dead end job for 80 hours a week doing it? Nope! Did I have to sacrifice my beliefs, my passions and myself to do it? NOPE! All the memories I got to have I experienced while kicking ass at my business and helping others achieve their goals as well. I am a huge advocate for hard work but it doesn’t have to be a corner office with stressful deadlines and a stiff suit. It can look however you want it to — if you’re willing to live outside the box! Can we say DREAM JOB?

I almost forgot to add!! We also paid off ALL of Kevin’s credit card debt and set ourselves up to become debt free in 2016! 😀 Did I have to live off top ramen and I didn’t have to live off cheap food, clip coupons and sacrifice my love for travel, fashion, health, fitness, donating, giving or any of that to do it either. I just increased my income instead because I have the power to do that with a career with zero cap to how much we can earn. 🙂

I don’t make New Years resolutions. I map out my life. I will spend tonightbuilding my vision board with my husband, writing out my goals and revisiting my map that I made at Date With Destiny. Tomorrow, I will wake up with a clean slate and the hunger to make this year even better than last year! Is that even possible? Yes it is! Are you up for the challenge? Let’s do this. Contact me. <3


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