For those who are just joining us, let me give you a quick recap: The 21-Day Fix is Beachbody’s new workout program that launched last year, that has been created to help people lose the maximum weight in 21 days (as the name suggests). It takes 21 days to develop a habit-which is the point of this program–developing healthy habits of working out AND eating at the same time.

Why is the 21-Day Fix Different?

Unlike other programs which focus only on workouts and make nutrition an afterthought, the 21-Day Fix actually puts the focus on the NUTRITION part and explains that although workouts are important, they are not more important than your nutrition. This is one of the major benefits of the program and what makes it so different. What I didn’t realize is that nutrition plays a 90% role in the results you either will or WILL NOT get! This plus Shakeology is a game changer!

The 21-Day Fix program comes with color-coded containers that are a specific size for each type of food group. You have a different sized container for meats, carbs (or try it paleo), healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. This makes it super easy for everyone to eat right and make sure they are eating the right portion sizes as well. I tried everything my MyFitnessPal to tracking calories, using FitBits, Food Journaling, Heart Rate Monitors and all they did was drive me crazy. The 21 Day Fix gave me a reprieve from the insanity of obsessing over food and this is why I feel everyone should make it part of their lifestyle.

Not only this, but the program contains meal plans that also make it extremely easy for you to prepare meals and make sure you are eating delicious, healthy, nutritious food ALL THE TIME.

This is something I was already doing, but even if you are eating salads all day, if your total calorie count is more than your targeted daily calorie count, the additional calories you consume will cause weight gain regardless of how diligently you work out every day.

If you feel like you are doing all the work, but not getting anywhere, the 21-Day Fix is the program for you. It will teach you how to portion your food and eat a balanced diet.

I followed the workouts and made sure I use the colored containers for my portion sizes and was SUPER EXCITED to see the scale shift down by 8 pounds in a week. This is a huge loss for a week and I was just too pleased for words.

21-Day Fix Pilates

I am totally in love with the 21 Day Fix Pilates workout. This program focuses on improving balance and strength through Pilates. I am a strong believer in Pilates and how it strengthens your core which ultimately makes you look leaner and taller.

The Pilates workout in this program by Autumn Calabrese is awesome. She is an amazing instructor and it feels like she is my personal trainer throughout the program. The long plank session at the end of this Pilates DVD was super tough but super awesome. I felt it in my core, in my arms, shoulders and all the way in my back.

Someone who doesn’t understand the benefits of Pilates might be surprised why this DVD and the Yoga DVD were made a part of this program but unless you try it out, you won’t understand why these two workouts are so crucial. They not only give your body time to recover but they also turn your recovery into an active period, which is the best way to recover after a tough workout week.

All in all, I am in love with this program and how much of a difference it makes after 21 days. See my 21 Day Fix results and transformation.

Do you want to try the 21 Day Fix?  See what all the talk is about and experience your own transformation!


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