My 21-Day Fix PLYO Review

[highlight]The 21-Day Fix PLYO is a bonus DVD ONLY available if you buy a Challenge Pack through a Beachbody coach.[/highlight]

What is a Challenge Pack?

Challenge Packs are part of the Beachbody Challenge, where you are able to pick you ideal fitness program, combined with Shakeology and the awesome support Beachbody in known for. You’ll be added to my special secret wellness group on Facebook where you’ll get daily free coaching by me, a community to learn and grow with as well as priceless tools I only make available for my clients to help you get the same results I have!

The Challenge is a great way to get started and share your results in the Beachbody Challenge Contest, where you get a free t-shirt, and the chance to win over $100,000. PLUS you get this bonus PLYO DVD with the 21-Day Fix Challenge Pack.

Challenge Packs combine several products into one all-you-need pack that gives you everything you need to kickstart a program and save a bunch of money. You may as well get a free coach while you’re at it too!

21-Day Fix PLYO

Bonus workouts are a little something Beachbody likes to give away with every program and who doesn’t like a free workout? I know I do! Plyometrics are one of the most effective forms of workout as they force the body to move against gravity which helps burn fat faster and give me that booty pop, quads and full body workout I love so much. This is why I LOVE these workouts and hence chose to try 21-Day Fix PLYO first.

Trainer Autumn Calabrese’s drill-based 30-minute workout circuit helps you blast fat and torch calories as you accelerate your 21 Day Fix results.

Why I Love 21-Day Fix PLYO

Autumn Calabrese is a wonderful instructor. She focuses on form and says words of encouragement when you need them the most. This WASN’T an easy workout. It had a lot of squat jumps and other jumping moves. Her workouts are well paced with a small interval in between each sequence for you to catch your breath. Workout tip: I also like to blast my own music to keep me motivated to push harder!

The sign of a good PLYO workout is it makes your ankles tire really fast and I felt it by the end of the workout as well as the next day. People always ask about my calves, this is why they are so defined!

Again, this is NOT an easy workout, even if it seemed like one when I skimmed through it. It is one of the toughest workouts I have ever tried but it is also a lot of fun which made me feel like time just flew by and before I knew the 30 minutes were up. I was shocked I was so out of breath and sweaty!

Throughout the workout, Autumn Calabrese talked about the importance of form as well as nutrition because no matter how intense your workouts are, if you do not focus on nutrition, you won’t see results. Nutrition is one of the biggest struggles people face when it comes to weight loss which makes this program ideal for anyone who wants to get into shape fast. EVERYTHING is spelled out for you.

Along with the 21-day fix program, members also receive a supply of Shakeology, which is hands-down one of my healthiest meals of the day ( I recommend the chocolate!). It contains super foods and ensures you get your daily required nutrition in a convenient way through a shake that is not only delicious, but helps raise your energy levels and increase your stamina. I made Shakeology a part of my daily diet when I was a part of the Insanity Max 30 program and it definitely helped me perform better.

[highlight]If you are interested in losing a lot of weight and getting healthier in a no-guessing program, leave me a message or you can purchase the 21-Day Fix now and GET STARTED[/highlight]


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Enjoying my 21 Day Fix results in Mexico on the Beachbody Success Club Trip!