Breakfast is easy to skip and while Shakeology is usually my go-to, sometimes I like to save it for my afternoon sweet tooth craving and energy boost. Here’s another tasty option for you although not Paleo, still delicious! Using the 21 Day Fix container system, this Breakfast Bowl is filling, delicious and gets you ready for a powerful-packed without a lot of fuss.

Easy 21 Day Fix Recipe: Breakfast Bowls

1 Red of Greek Yogurt (Preferably Organic, Vanilla flavored is awesome on this!)
1 Yellow of Oatmeal (I use organic rolled oats by Bob’s Red Mill)
1 Yellow of granola or cereal to add crunch + sweetness
1 Purple of thawed Organic Berries

I like to put the hot oatmeal in the bowl, then add the frozen berries. I mix the berries in the oatmeal and let the heat melt them. It cools down the oatmeal to the perfect temp and thaws the berries perfectly so they aren’t warm. I prefer to add the yogurt next then the cereal/granola on top! It’s best to eat this meal either right before or right after your workout so your body uses the carbs! In general, it’s best to eat your fruit/carbs closer to your workout so it gets turned into energy instead of being stored as fat. Enjoy this delicious meal plan approved treat!