We just landed in New Orleans for this years’ Beachbody Coach Summit. This is the annual event where over 20,000 Team Beachbody Coaches, the Super Trainers, the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler and the other higher-ups gather to talk about what we accomplished last year, how we are doing this year, and this is where we get to hear about the awesome stuff that is coming down the pipe for later this year and into the beginning of next year (UK Expansion!!). We also have the opportunity to participate in workouts with the trainers and the EPIC SUPER WORKOUT where everyone at Summit gathers and does a workout all at once. It is a crazy experience with a ton of energy. This year I get to be on stage with Chris Downing for his Shift Shop workout and I am PUMPED! This has been a dream of mine since I attended my first Super Workout at my first Summit 6 years ago as a 1 Star Diamond coach who had just gone full time Beachbody coach! Like everyone else who is a Top Coach I started out as a Coach with no idea how to do this thing but I had a dream and a vision. Summit helped me see where I need to go. I saw the Elite Coaches sitting on the floor of the arena during the general session and celebration and I knew that I needed to be there. Then I saw the Elite 10 being recognized on stage and sitting right in the front and I set my sights on that. Summit has always been the best work event of the year for me and I know it CAN be a game changer for the Coaches that attend so I wanted to share with you 7 Ways to Maximize your Coach Summit Experience. Follow these tips and make sure that you get the most that you can out of your investment of time and money. This is the most epic event of the year and it changed the way I worked my business and also what I thought was possible. I want every Coach who comes to Summit to leave with actionable steps that they can apply to their businesses when they get home to build the team of their dreams and help to end the trend of obesity.

Here are the 7 Ways to Maximize your Coach Summit Experience!

Focus on the mission and connect with what we do.

Beachbody is all about helping people accomplish their goals and lead more healthy and fulfilling lives. Summit is about internalizing that mission and really experiencing first hand the stories that make our careers so amazing. One my favorite parts of Beachbody Coach Summit is seeing the Beachbody Challenge Winners and hearing their stories and getting to hear about all of the lives changed by what we do as Coaches. This is bigger than us and we are making an impact and we get to see it at Summit. These events are the extra fuel we need to keep our fires burning bright through the year so take it all in. Every story you hear and relationship you develop is fuel to keep you going so soak it all up. Make sure that fire is burning bright when you leave!

Surround yourself with people who are excited to be there and who want to learn and network!

This is your chance to meet the people you are friends with on Facebook and to really find your tribe! To get the most out of our Summit experience find people who match or exceed your level of enthusiasm. Surrounding yourself with a solid group of people will keep you focused and motivated through all of the events and workouts. You are the sum of the 5 people that you surround yourself with so surround yourself with the right people! Break out of your comfort zone and make sure that you make some NEW friends and meet a new success partner or two who you can remain accountable to when you get home. If you end up with people who are just not that into the experience then keep looking until you find your SQUAD!

Attend everything, do not be late and do not get distracted.

Summit is action packed. There is a lot to do from the General Sessions and Celebrations to the trainings and workouts. Do all the things and meet all the people. Summit is a business trip so treat it like one and work your business! I know that it is tempting to spend the trip drinking daiquiris and eating Po’boys but if you focus on growing as a business owner and a fitness professional then you will change your business and Summit will be one of the best investments you have made in yourself and Coaching. Remember that you made the investment to go to Summit so make sure that you are focusing on the right things and getting the most out of your time in New Orleans. Do not get distracted by Bourbon Street and the allure of the Big Easy, this is not a vacation, it is an investment in your future.

Take care of yourself.

There is a lot of fun to be had but it is so vital that you also take care of yourself. Go to all of the Beachbody parties, all of the workouts and trainings, and meet everyone that you can. You still have to make sure that you are still eating pretty well, getting rest when you can, and drinking plenty of water! Hit up the Shakeology bar whenever you get a chance to make sure you’re pumping your body full of dense superfood nutrition too! You do not want to run yourself into the ground so have fun, pack snacks and water, and enjoy the experience!

Do not get sucked into other peoples’ drama.

Unfortunately drama seems to follow some people around and it is a fact of life that some people do not get along. Some people have their own agendas or hang ups and it can come out at Summit while we are all surrounded by Coaches and in a new environment. YOU MUST PLAY YOUR OWN GAME. AND DO YOUR OWN THING. You are at Summit to work and learn how to build your business. PERIOD. Do not get drawn into other people’s B.S. and do not let anyone elses drama drag you down. You will regret it when you get home and reflect on your experience. As I mentioned earlier, find your tribe and make it a positive one. There are so many Coaches here that you really have the opportunity to find the people that you resonate with. If you end up around some negativity or drama then call it out and if the people do not want to disengage from it and plug into Summit then disengage from them and find a new crew. There is so much positivity at Summit. It is a time where you can connect to the mission of Beachbody and fill up your internal tank so you can take the last months of the year by storm. Less drama and more dharma.

Use your social media and post regularly about what you are doing and why it is awesome.

You are there to work so WORK! Make it a point to document the trip, the trainings, the community, and the workouts! There is a reason we do this and a reason you came to Summit so make sure you leverage it and share the hell out of it! There are so many tools at your disposal to share your story, pick your favorite or favorite 2 and document! Do not be shy, you are a Coach and it is awesome so share it with your team who did not make it to Summit and with the people who follow your social media. Team Beachbody is a movement and Summit is your opportunity to show the positivity and passion that we have and to inspire people to join us or to recommit to their own journey. Do not make the mistake of waiting until you’re back home to start sharing or “re-cap” what you learned share it while your in New Orleans! Now is your chance to show people who have been following that this is a REAL THING now just you by yourself in your living room doing workouts. There is a community behind this!

Do not get overwhelmed by the information when you leave. Pick a few things and implement them and be consistent.

You are going to get a lot of information at Summit. There are going to be so many gold nuggets from your peers, from Top Coaches, from the general session speakers, and from Corporate that it is only natural to have a little “information” hangover when you get back. I learned from all of the Personal Development Seminars that I have attended that you cannot possibly implement every single thing you learned at the seminar so do not try, it will overwhelm you and set you back. What has worked for me is to pick up to 3 things and put them into practice immediately and be consistent with them. You can even start putting things into action the second you learn them so you start to building momentum coming out of the event. You will get great training on using social media, how to leverage your story, and when you come to my training you will hear about finding your tribe. If it is a small tweak that you can do to your social media brand then do it immediately and run with it. If it is a bigger alteration of the way that you work with your team or any of your groups then make sure you are consistent with the change and go at wholeheartedly.


Summit is finally here and I am so excited to see you all this week. Remember, I came to my first event with no team and now we have hundreds attending! Also, be sure to grab a picture with me while I run from event to event and have an amazing time! Summit was a life changing experience for me and I know that it can be for you as well. Like everything in life you get out what you put in so jump in with both feet and commit to growth while you are here. I would love to hear about your experience at Summit so be sure to leave a comment here and as always share this with anyone going to Beachbody Coach Summit so we can have the best Summit yet and all go home and ROCK our businesses and help ALL THE PEOPLE… after we rock New Orleans of course!