We want to do a quick review of a workout that we’ve been doing quite a lot of lately: Hammer and Chisel’s Agility Chisel.

Hammer and Chisel Review: Agility Chisel

The workout is fun. It’s 37 minutes. It’s a good bang for your buck workout because there’s some upper body, lots of legs and AGILITY. What we like is that there’s no equipment needed to do this workout. We travel A LOT, so these are the types of workouts we take with us wherever we go.

Agility Chisel is a lot of legs, squats, lunges, plyometrics and jumping but with the use of balance and static movements. The program has a lot of modifiers in case you aren’t to the level of the video yet. We tend to use the modifiers often, like when we are sore or just tired or when we just want to make it through this intense program. It’s so important to take care of your body and not push it beyond it’s limits so don’t be afraid to modify. Listen to your body! Some days will be better than others. That doesn’t mean it was a “good” or “bad” workout!

This program really burns calories! A leg workout pushes the limits and you can feel the burn. We tend to get really HUNGRY after a workout like this just because it’s so intensive, working every part of your body. But most of all this is a fun workout, which is the most important thing when you are coming back to it again and again. Especially when you do it with someone! Lots of laughing.

Why Agility is Important

So let’s talk AGILITY. Agility is kind of important, especially if you tend to walk into things a lot like we do (Kevin mostly). Agility Chisel puts on the cat moves, which is great for people who have trouble in this area—and also makes it more fun to do.

I personally LOVE anything having to do with agility. Hand/eye coordination and building fast reflexes is something I love to do because it helps you in real life situations. Many times, I’ve fallen and caught myself just because of the fast reflexes I’ve built up from working out with programs like this one.

If you are one of those people (like I used to be) who trips a lot, bumps into things or is just plain clumsy, Agility Chisel will help! It’s great because it not only gets you amazing shape, but helps you be more agile in your everyday movements.

For people who weight train, your body can get very muscle-bound and stiff. The Agility Chisel workout will help loosen you up. Like playing soccer or basketball, hours of drills are to develop agility, which is so important for movement, connecting your body and your mind. It’s so much more than calorie-burning, because agility will benefit you for the rest of your life!

Disclosure: I am affiliated with Beachbody and this post contains product links I earn a small commission from. That said, I use Beachbody products myself every day and recommend them to my closest family and friends as a life changer!

Workouts on the Go

We travel a lot, and often have a limited space to work out in, so having a workout that hits all of these points, that you can do anywhere is so important. We use Beachbody on Demand A LOT because of this (which comes free with the Challenge Pack). It’s so much more convenient than bringing CD’s with us because you can literally roll out of bed with a workout program dialed into your phone in the morning. The more options you have, the less excuses you have!

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