Years ago I was at a Beachbody Super Saturday event and I heard about that year’s ELITE 10 ADVENTURE being a crazy all expenses paid trip to Tahiti and for some reason, as a brand new coach I wrote down TAHITI on the top of the notebook that I was taking notes in. I wanted that trip SO BAD! I wanted that life of travel and to go on a crazy exotic adventure. Did I make it? NOPE! But my intention to earn that trip was out there in the Universe and let me tell you, as usual, the Universe listened! It took a couple of years but I earned the ELITE 10 ADVENTURE to Italy and then to France last year. When they announced that 2016 trip I was on the edge of my seat and when they said,”we will be off to the amazing island of BORA BORA!

I almost died. The Universe heard me when I was a brand new coach and dreaming BIG. It was such a full circle moment for me when this trip came around again. My notebook doodle came true and we are off on the Beachbody BORA BORA vacation of a lifetime!


One of the coolest things that we have been able to do through the ELITE 10 ADVENTURE is add on destinations and extend these truly once in a lifetime trips. In Italy we went to Cinque Terre and Venice and from France we made one of the better travel decisions we have ever made and spent a week traversing Switzerland. This year we are going to Bora Bora with the ELITE 10, then heading on to Raiatea, and Tikehau. We want you to follow along with us!

We are going to share all of the amazing things we get to do with the crew from Beachbody and then our own personal adventures. We love the outdoors so there will be lots of water and lots of exploring!

Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, on our brand new Lifestyle and Travel site and of course right here! During the course of my trip if you find yourself wanting to learn more about how YOU can follow in my foot steps and join the Set Your Soul On Fire team fill out the form below or email me at to see an exclusive video I made just for the trip as a message to you.


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