Just registered for Beachbody’s 2015 Leadership retreat!! I can’t believe I’m going to be headed on yet another free trip this year and it’s only 2 months away. I’m NOT complaining. A few short weeks ago I invested in my Diamond coaches and took them on a really amazing trip to Costa Rica. I didn’t shove them into an all expenses hotel and give them the same America-type stale experience they could get by going to on any old old trip. I took them to an eco-resort, on adventures and exposed them to culture and actual exploration vs being a tourist. I remember one of my coaches, Cait, saying that it’s been so incredible to have someone invest in her since her family never did. Being the product of two alcoholic parents that never believed in her, to have someone show her that she could be more meant more than anything ever could. To have someone INVEST in her. I know how that feels…

I started those trips to pay it forward because not only did my sponsoring coach invest in me through travel but Beachbody does as well. Next to helping people and getting out of the waitress/student life, the fact that they reward us with trips was huge motivation for me. I would be a coach any way but the fact that they do these things for us is unreal.


How many trips have I been on since becoming a coach?

Since becoming a coach in 2011 I’ve been on 2 leadership retreats (Dana Point, California & Scottsdale, Arizona), 4 rewards vacations (Bahamas, Cancun, a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico and Disney Orlando), 2 5-Star TOP 10 trips (France and Italy), 1 Coach Advisory Board trip (Utah) and I’ve been flown the LA for other random things! And get this, I’ve only been a coach for 4.5 years! Some of these trips they also paid for airfare business class and yes, my husband was included! To be able to go on a vacation was huge for me when I first became a coach and just a few years later, to be able to pay that forward to others means the world to me. I never traveled, EVER. And the trips I go on monthly would’ve been once in a lifetime for me if I had never said “yes” to this! I am forever grateful I decided to stick this out and BE WEIRD. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

So, I just want to say THANK YOU to Team Beachbody as a whole for showing me the importance of not just investing in myself but investing in OTHERS. Between the constant packages of swag and products that show up at my door for no reason, the trips, the personal development, business, leadership training, monthly and quarterly bonuses, the amount of time these guys take to build personal relationships with each of us — it means A LOT. Especially to someone who never got recognized for her hard work working a typical job.


Beachbody coaching is weird

All I ever think about when I travel is the people who deserve a life like this. A life of constant growth and education, to be part of a company that not only cares about your health but also invests in you. You know why more people don’t do this and so many people don’t understand it? Because IT’S NOT NORMAL. It’s weird for a company to spoil you this way, it’s unheard of to be making 6 figures after 3 years and become a millionaire in 5. To have a job where there is NO CEILING to how much you can make or achieve! Where people are taking each other on paid vacations? Because they CAN. No other reason but because they want to pay it forward? But you know what? IT’S HARD WORK and most people quit which is why I wanted to make it happen. MOST people talk shit because they don’t believe that dreams can come true. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. I wanted to show people that not only could a college dropout be self made but she could do it when MOST people quit. Email me if you are like me and are ready to take your life to the next level: amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com Talk to you soon! #SYSOF


Beachbody Coaching (and being weird)

Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings