2015 marks my second year of attending the Beachbody Top 10 trip. Last year, I got the itinerary in the mail, but I didn’t really think to make a video about it. Then the trip came and went and everybody wanted to know what we did and what the trip was like. I just responded with “incredible” because you can’t actually put such an amazing experience into words!

This year I thought I would do things differently and decided to share my complete Beachbody Top 10 Trip itinerary, so that everyone can know what the top ten trip is really like and what great efforts they go to.

Just like last year, this year’s trip to France was an all-expenses paid five star trip (truly amazing!). It was a once in a lifetime experience where I didn’t have to think or plan at all (literally). Beachbody hired an amazing active travel company called Butterfield & Robinson that took care of all my needs.

They chauffeured us around, took us to all these beautiful places, and wouldn’t let me touch my luggage or lift a single thing, nothing. They took care of us completely (sorry if I’m a little hyped, it was really an incredible experience).


Day 1: In the morning everybody arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. We drove to Burgundy where the first hotel was located. Once there, Kevin and I were offered refreshments and a relaxing massage. In the afternoon, we were invited for lunch at the Burgundy Restaurant and given a formal orientation of the Parisian neighborhood. In the evening, we were taken on a private bus tour around the city and to see the beautifully illuminated monuments. For dinner we were taken to a luxurious French restaurant.

Day 2: The group and I are taken to the Royal Palace, where we were divided into three smaller groups, so that we could have a really intimate experience. In the afternoon, everyone goes for lunch at the famous restaurant ‘Chez Julien’ after which the group and I were given some free time to discover and shop at the trendy neighborhood of Le Marais (I was really excited for the shopping, honestly). In the evening we were driven in antique Citroen Sedans to the hilltop neighborhood of Montmartre where we also had dinner and attended a private champagne tasting.

Beachbody Trip France

Day 3: In the morning, we were taken to Paris’ finest boutiques and landmarks and were even given the option to hire our own ‘personal shopper’. Later we were given priority access tickets to the Louvre museum and in the afternoon we had an amazing lunch. In the evening, we attended a competitive chef and culinary extravaganza in one of Paris’ most lively cooking schools (Kevin was really excited about this one!).

Private chef training! Beachbody Top 10 Trip 2015

Day 4: Kevin and I went for a guided walking tour to the one and only Eiffel Tower. In the afternoon, we had a scrumptious informal lunch on the first level of the tower and later an exploration of the second and third levels. Then we were given some free time to discover the beautiful neighborhood of Saint Germaine Des Pres. In the evening, we traveled along  the Seine River in a private yacht and had dinner at sea.

Top 10 Trip to France 2015 - Amy Silverman Fitness

Day 5: In the morning, we traveled from Paris to La Baule, a small village located on the banks of the Seine River for a bike ride. For the afternoon, we had lunch at the Gourmet Bistro in a small town located near the river and were taken to the Normandy Hotel where we stayed the night and had an remarkable dinner in the hotel’s private dining room.

Private Bike Ride -Top 10 Trip to France - Beachbody Top 10 Coach Amy Silverman

Day 6: We went biking to the neighboring seaside resort town of Du Ville in the morning. Later, we had a beachside lunch at the enchanting boardwalk of Du Ville and were given some time to explore the town’s historic center. After that, Kevin and I went for a spa treatment and later we were taken for dinner at a charming port side restaurant (Euros were provided by Beachbody).

Top Ten Trip - Beachbody

Day 7: We were given options to enjoy a relaxing morning in bed, go for a coastal bike ride, or enjoy another spa treatment. As you might have guessed, I went for the coastal bike ride, which I enjoyed very much! In the afternoon, we went for a picnic and wine tasting at a nearby cider farm and in the evening we had a formal dinner at a private dining room of the hotel. The next day, everybody leaves for Paris and I and Kevin took off to Switzerland for a WEEK!

Romance on the Beachbody Top 10 Trip to France 2015

All in all, the trip was amazing and I’m just really grateful that I have a career and a job that treats me this way for working as hard as I do (even though I don’t even feel like this is work). In fact, I feel so honored that this is my job and I’m really looking forward for next year’s trip. Thanks Beachbody!

I took lots of pictures and videos and I’m just really grateful I have a career and a job that treats me this way working as hard as I do, I don’t ever feel like this is work. In fact, I feel so honored that this is my job and I’m really looking forward for next year’s trip! Scroll down to see more of the photos we and our private photographer, Mike Lloyd  snapped, so cute!!!

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