Being a Beachbody Coach, it is about much more than fitness —

If you follow my blog or if you follow any of my social media accounts you have likely heard me talk about all that I have gained through being a Beachbody Coach. It is easy to look at someone and think,”that is awesome, they lost a lot of weight, or they turned around their finances, that is so cool.” It seems like so many people I come into contact with know about Beachbody and the Beachbody Coaching opportunity but they do not really know how powerful it can be in people’s lives. I wanted to share a story from a friend of mine on Team Set Your Soul on fire. This girl is truly a light in my life and adds some serious positivity and lightheartedness to any situation. It is rare that we meet people who have the ability to just make you feel better by simply being in the room, but Sam is one of those rare people. It was not always this way though so I want to share her story with you.

transformation tuesday

She Can and She Will —

I am sure that you have heard the saying,”Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” One day Sam decided, SHE CAN and SHE WILL and her whole life started to change. You may have heard me talk about Sam in one of my live videos recently, well ~ she’s been kicking some serious ass and so I wanted to feature her for this weeks Set Your Soul On Fire Shout Out. I described in my LIVE video how she came to me via email in this before photo. I wanted to share a bit of the email she sent me when she reached out two and a half years ago because I feel we’ve all been there:

"I live in my parents basement, trying to keep it together. I go out and do as much as I can in my small town, volleyball night, jam night etc. keep up appearances, but It's been tough. I sleep a lot, i cry a lot. I turn to food and eat a lot of bad food, I watch tv I stay up all night and sleep in all day. it's just this awful cycle. Being ripped from my life is surreal, like I'm stuck in this dream and I can't wake up, but losing the friends was the worst. I feel worthless and unloved a lot. I feel a little at wits end but I keep moving forward, keep swimming, or at least treading water. I want to start gaining control again. I have a lot of love and passion to give this world. I want to come back at it, not let it beat me down, and i want to start by finding reasons to love myself again."

And so she did…and she made new friends. In fact, she found a family who loves her very much!

The Transformation —

This is my favorite part, it is so inspiring when someone says, “ENOUGH! I will not settle for this anymore!” So let’s talk about Sam right NOW! In the after photo we are standing on a freaking CRUISE SHIP on a free trip we earned TOGETHER helping people. She’s freaking HAPPY! She looks and feels AMAZING (hello superwoman). She’s doing what she loves (which is cartooning) and living a happy fulfilled life paying this gift forward as a Beachbody Coach. She has been paying it forward from the very beginning because when something works, when you throw your all into something and you get the results, it is your duty to share it. THIS is the difference between being part of my team and not being part of my team. This is the difference between someone who thought she was stuck and someone who has learned how to GO FOR IT! This is the difference between someone who is making her health a priority and someone who isn’t. This is someone who learned how to invest in herself. This is someone who is TRULY LIVING vs someone who thought this was the end of the road for her. So many people just acceot that where they are is permanent. One trait most people share is that when things are good they think they will be good forever and when things are bad they think they will be bad forever. The truth is things will always change. As Tony Robbins says,”change is mandatory progress is not.”

That’s great and all but how do I change?

When enough is enough you will know you are half way there. When you reach the point that Sam did where you know that things have to change and that you will do whatever it takes to change then you find someone who has what you want and you see what they did to get it. Sam asked a total stranger online for help (this is the same thing I did) and she CHANGED HER STORY. I love you Sam and I can’t wait to see you next week!!! You are my Canadian ball of joy and I love watching you SHINE. It’s people like you that I think about whenever I need motivation.

LAST CHANCE to check out what Sam and I do for a living as coaches. My Behind The Scenes Group Kicks off Monday July 18th so if you want to see how you can set your soul on fire like we have apply here: and I’ll send you the next steps.