For those of you who have been keeping up with me on Facebook and Instagram, we just went to the house and it was worse than we thought. Every bathroom is gutted, all the carpets are ripped up, walls ripped apart, yoga room completely gutted/etc. I don’t think we’ll be returning to the house, ever. Except to pack up and move our stuff. Although it really sucks, I have to definitely say that I have a lot to be grateful for and the one thing that is a constant blessing in my life is, yep — you guessed it: being a coach.

After going around and touching pretty much all my dead plants, grabbing a few things for the dogs, seeing all my belongings piled in the living room and garage. I found a box by the front door. In it was a bouquet of white roses that had my name stamped on them and “elite 10” + the team beachbody logo. They were the same roses they had sent me last year except they were yellowed and dying because they had sat in the cold for too long. The workers were nice enough to bring them into the house but I didn’t get them as fast as I should’ve but they are still beautiful and just what I needed on this stressful day. There was also an extra little gift inside. A sneak peak of the newest program that’s coming out next month. 21 Day Fix Extreme, which I will definitely be doing a pilot group for.

I also got a bracelet from my coach. It’s handmade by artisans in India that was given to me because she made a donation to them in my name for the Holidays, which reminded me of how much I have to be grateful for! How lucky am I that I get to have to “deal” with a house and THINGS. Everything I need, I have. I have my honey, my puppies, my laptop for work, I have high quality food – the life that I live today is so special to me because I know that it can be taken away at any moment. This particular incident made me realize more so, that I have way too much STUFF and I’ll definitely be parting with a lot of it and downsizing for our next rental. This is something I’ve felt for a while now and the universe was just saying “yep!!”

I also want to say that being a coach is a constant light and being grateful is a part of that. No matter what happens, I have things to be thankful for.  I am constantly reminded that I am special to them, I mean something to them and that I am valued in the company. In what world is the best thing that happens you on the daily is your career? I know SOME people have this but I surely didn’t, it feels really good. None of these “princess problems” would even be happening if it wasn’t for my team, this company and all that I have worked for. It’s because of what we do that I GET to have deal with this. It’s a constant reminder of everything we GET to have living in the US. That what we need is already in our heart, not a house, or things, or clothing or CRAP.  I’m starting to see the silver lining and it’s getting me even more excited for my future and the plans we have for 2015 and 2016. I’m listening!!!!!

Thank you for the flowers Carl Daikeler, Jeff Hill, Michael Neimand, Jon Congdon and all the other awesome people over at Team Beachbody. Thank you for the bracelet Liz Poin and for always thinking of me. But most of all, thank you to everyone who makes this all possible for us, for the opportunity to have choices, to have financial freedom which is relieving A LOT of stress right now and the ability to design a life that allows me to work from anywhere so I don’t have to be dealing with this AND clocking into a job. That this is my “biggest problem” right now. Life is good. Everything is just water under the bridge and we are too blessed to be stressed! <3 #ELITE10 #SYSOF “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie