The universe has an infinite amount of power and even just a passing thought can be heard.  I remember when I was a newer coach or even recently seeing stories of people buying houses and cars cash and though “one day I want that to be me.” I thought it was such a cool concept that I never heard of people doing before! And while it was cool to see others doing it, I never thought it would be something I would be doing. Especially after a big move to the Caribbean and having paid off 3 major credit cards this year and taking my coaches on two major trips to Jamaica and Costa Rica as well as a personal trip to Switzerland and half a dozen other trips this year but alas…the universe has bigger plans for me than I can ever design for myself. It constantly shows me what I can do and what’s possible.

Buying a truck in Puerto Rico was a bit different than the states. We didn’t have the luxury of picking whatever make and model we wanted and honestly didn’t even think we’d be able to get a truck again! I thought we’d have to get a Jeep but we stumbled upon a lot that had the same size truck we had at home. Even though it wasn’t Chevy and wasn’t as nice, it was still a GMC and since I have severe PTSD from a major car accident back in 2003 – feeling safe is a priority to me! Honestly, I don’t need a fancy car – just something functional and SAFE.

Now let me back track a bit. Some of you who have followed me for a while probably remember when I was able to afford to even buy my first luxury vehicle. It was back in 2013. It was the same year I was able to fire my husband’s boss and had been driving the same unreliable, old 97′ Honda CRV that shook when we drove over 70 MPH and I had brought with me from Key Largo when I moved out west. It’s paint was chipping, it was moldy and on it’s last leg. It was honestly not even safe to drive but I had no choice! But thanks to Beachbody, I was able to get a Chevy LTZ with all the fixings. It was my husband’s dream truck and we had to get financing for it but it was ours and it was our first major purchase together. We couldn’t believe it!

Buying a new truck

So, when we had to sell our beloved truck just 2 years later to move to Puerto Rico we were a bit sad. Yes, it was a sad day and you may think “it’s just a truck” but it symbolized so much to us. It had meant that were finally climbing our way up the success ladder and we were very attached to it. However, one of the reasons we moved to an island was to learn how to distance ourselves from materialist things so we sold it back to the dealership which luckily brought our car loan back to zero.

Now back to present day. We thought when we got here that we’d be able to finance a new truck but hit a wall with being out of the country. We only had a few days to make it happen and our old insurance company in the states was not working with us. Not going to lie, we both had a “dooms day” moment where we thought we’d have to drive our roach infested mini van rental for a few weeks or even a month before we’d be able to get the paperwork in order to be able to finance a truck. But being the optimists we are — we saw the clear message from the universe that was being presented to us. Pay for the truck cash and not go back into debt for it.

We went back and forth with this idea for a while. We had the cash but really? Drop 40K in CASH?? You have to understand that just 2 years ago we were still living paycheck to paycheck. Back when we bought our Chevy. Yes, we were both working from home as coaches with no boss but I was very much still in the beginning stages of my business and we had chosen to take a pay cut so my beloved husband wouldn’t have to spend one more day slaving away at a retail job. We chose freedom over the extra money which is always much more valuable to us. But no monthly payments? No debt? This idea goes hand in hand with our goals to finish the year debt free so we can start in on our student loans.

With our backs against the wall and the very exciting thought that we’d own a brand new beautiful truck outright we went for it. It was a process, but we got it done and drove off the lot earlier this week the proud new owners of a beautiful ride that would get us around the island feeling safe! It’s incredible to say that I bought a truck cash and I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about sharing it but I wanted to tell the back story a bit because I thought it was pretty cool how just a thought turned into reality. Goes to show that your thoughts, goals and visions have power and if you put it out there, the universe will conspire to make it happen. It doesn’t always happen the way you think it will so remember, what may seem like a problem could actually be a solution!

Buying our new truck in Puerto Rico!


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