Someone said something to me last night in an email that really caused me to take a step back and realize how far I’ve come.

I know a lot of people who follow my social media outlets haven’t taken the time to learn my story but 5 years ago this month I charged a bag of Shakeology to a credit card and signed up to be a coach. Could I afford my groceries? No! Was I living less than paycheck to paycheck every week and always late for ALL my bills? Yes. I was working double shifts as a waitress and going to school just trying to make ends meet. YES! Life was a struggle and it didn’t have to be.


I had a epiphany in the sea of excuses. I saw a lighthouse of resolve.

Something I never had realized before. That I needed to make my health, mind and body my soul priority and start showing others what’s possible so I can live by example and have accountability in my life!  I never traveled. EVER. I couldn’t afford to take off any days of work or afford trips. Shit, I could barely afford Chapstick!!

My life was an endless hamster wheel of work, pay bills, do homework, repeat!! Long story short, I ended up getting super passionate about helping others and by showing them what’s possible I, in turn changed MY life!


Now, it’s my job title! Not only is it my dream career but I travel almost every month because if it. What’s even more special is being a coach affords me the unique ability to empower others to follow in my footsteps and reward them for it.

Most people will never experience getting to treat your friends to a vacation and I get to do it twice a year. I raised the stakes in 2015 because I also raised my own personal standards and these four amazing ladies stood up to the plate! An all expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean!!!

Last year I treated my ELITE coaches to a trip to Jamaica and this year, we are going to the island off VIEQUES!


We’ll be soaking up the sun, eating good food, working on our tans, working out and spending some serious quality time talking about how far we’ve come since we all met on social media!

Today is my 5 year anniversary since signing up as a coach and I wanted to celebrate by paying it forward to you!

Mark you calendars because January 18th will be my FIRST Coaching SNEAK PEEK of the year and YOU’RE INVITED (as long as you are NOT already a coach!)

It’s only 5 days in a Facebook group with 10 minute videos and you’ll learn what it is I do and how you can do it too!

Wanna learn how working full time from home, traveling with your best friends, getting healthy and living life by design can be you? Contact me with the form below & we will get you started. New year, new life OR email me at


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