Shaun T is back with another super-effective and super-fun workout program. It is CIZE which is releasing this summer and we are excited about starting our own test group in July (which you can be a part of!). The name of the program comes from the word ‘exercise’ and it is all about making exercise fun. This is another one of Shaun T’s hip-hop programs and is guaranteed to help you burn a whole lot of calories and allow you to dance yourself into shape.

I am one of the first coaches who gets to test the program and as you can tell, I am totally excited about trying the new CIZE Crazy 8’s video from Shaun T. Till now, we were doing Insanity Max 30, also from Shaun T and as the name suggests, it is completely insane. It is the toughest workout of my life which for me previously was the original Insanity workout. If you have tried the workout and survived it, you know what we are talking about!

Insanity is super effective intense workout, with workouts ranging from 45 minutes to a little more than an hour. Now imagine all that Insanity packed into 30 minutes and you will get an idea of what Insanity Max 30 is all about. It is more than insane and it was all we could do to keep up with Shaun during the workouts. So, having worked our asses of with Shaun T, we were glad to hear that we had the opportunity to test a fun hip-hop program designed by the genius behind Insanity with his first love: DANCE!!

I totally needed the break this program gave me and was looking forward to the hip-hop video CIZE by Shaun T, soon to be released by Beachbody. I have been a chubby girl all my life and I was also on the soccer team so I was big and athletic. I never expected to be able to learn how to do hip-hop dancing but deep down inside always wanted to learn.

After my first workout, which was the Crazy 8, I am fully drenched in sweat but I had so much FUN. This is truly a fun way to lose weight and get your cardio. For people who think they do not know how to lose weight, Beachbody and Shaun T have come up with the perfect solution. CIZE is so easy that anyone can learn how to dance.

[highlight]If you want to try this great workout, Click for the CIZE Kickstart Challenge Pack or the Cize Challenge Pack + Shakeology [/highlight]