When I FIRST started off as a coach, all I wanted was to quit my job as a waitress and earn the free trip they were offering to the Bahamas. That’s it!! If I could just free myself from having to live paycheck to paycheck and be able to do it helping others, I knew the rest of my life would be the best of my life. I did that in 11 months and then, I started to set new goals.
So of course, they were to pay that forward and help at least 5 people quit their job and come home to pursue their dreams or be with their kids or both! I worked hard to help as many people see what I was doing and to help them see that they are capable of so much more as well! It wasn’t easy back then. Not a lot of people knew about the coaching opportunity. Social media wasn’t where it is today yet and the health food trend was just starting! But I knew if I shared my passion with others, they would see the light! And they did and that’s how Team Set Your Soul On Fire has become the 4 year in a row ELITE team and 3 of those years in the TOP 10 (#10, #3 and #2)!!!
A lot of people ask me “now that you have achieved so much, what are your goals?” Well, the first year I achieved a 6 figures with the business I knew I had to pay that forward as well. So my goals for the last 2 years has been to help my coaches who quit their jobs now, become six figure earners and with that — I’d like to congratulate my 2 year Elite coach, Hot Yoga Instructor Bad Ass babe Meredith Gnau for achieving that!! She’s only been on the team for two years and has not only traveled with me on free trips to Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cozumel and numerous other in state trips but paid off all her Credit Card debt her first year and this year purchased a brand spankin’ new Audi. I have to say, she’s probably one of the most successful Holistic Health Yoga Instructors in San Diego and not because of the size of her bank account but because she’s not only is helping people inside the studio but her reach on social media affects THOUSANDS. She came to me at 38 years old sick and tired of struggling to make ends meat and at 40, she feels she’s made up for lost time by working hard!
Money is a weird thing. People have lots of emotional ties to it. Celebrating someone elses income is not the norm but when you are part of my team and this business it is. Why? Because we work our butts off not just working on our outsides but on our insides. This career is not for everyone but I do believe those with a huge heart, work ethic and belief in themselves can take it and do whatever they want with it. Meredith is a great example of that. Helping our teams, challengers and even strangers who we will never see a dime from be successful is what we do day in and day out. It’s not about the money but it’s pretty nice that we are compensated well and treated amazing for our hard work by Team Beachbody.  Our net worth comes from our net lives changed so it’s a point of pride because it means we are helping A LOT of people while living our lives to the fullest. A life of service is the best way to making a living and because of this unique opportunity we not only get to make a living but we get to make a life. So proud of you babe! Here’s to many more years of kicking major asshola!


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*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.