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I’m squeezing in a post about our recent retreat in Costa Rica before I’m off to my next trip. This Costa Rica trip was an annual coach retreat for the top performers in our Beachbody SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE team. It’s a very unique thing we do every year that started with my coach gifting me trips that I wanted to pay forward to my coaches! It’s very special to me because I never traveled before I became a coach and being gifted such an incredible experience opened my eyes to the world and turned me into the person I am today! I know readers/followers see my life today and think it’s always been this way but it hasn’t. In fact, this lifestyle is very new to me and I feel everyone should be able to see the world the way I have been able to these past few years and why not for free??


Be a Part of the TEAM

The diamonds on the SYSOF team are all unique; full of beautiful SOULS who worked their butts off (in more ways than one) to change their lives, build home businesses, help other people get healthy, grow as indiuals and inspire through their own actions.

We all found each other in this world…through Instagram, email, wherever our lives collided (not by coincidence)…and have united to become a FORCE within the Beachbody community. When I say force I mean 3X ELITE (top .001%) 2X TOP 10 (out of hundreds of thousands of coaches) and are currently ranked #2. Why? Because we make helping people our #1 priority and lead with integrity.

Last year’s SYSOF Diamond Retreat took place in the beautiful mountains of Bend, Oregon where we went white water rafting, river tubing, ate delicious food and hiked the cascades.

This year, we united in Costa Rica, staying at the Vida Asana Eco Lodge in beautiful Playa Hermosa. Our group had the whole place to ourselves: modern accommodations with open-air jungle shala, and river close by. Vida Asana provided organic meals, sangrias, fresh juices, house made kombucha, local fruit and smoothies all day.

Vida Asana Diamond Coach Retreat


What did we do in Costa Rica?

  • Daily yoga at Vida Asana + workouts (because we love it)
  • Shirodara massage + a spa night with rainforest mud treatments for everyone
  • Ziplining in the rainforest
  • Surfing Lessons and Surf Camp
  • Stand up Paddleboarding
  • Rainforest Hike in Manual Antonio















How do I get in on next year’s trip?

This SYSOF Diamond Retreat was EARNED by team members for their awesome performance this year. Hotel, yoga, 3 meals a day, hike, shuttles and much more were PAID for by me. I am so blessed to have these people in MY life and am able to pay it forward, giving them this annual trip.

Some of the diamonds this year started as a coach just 12 months ago. In just 6 months, they were able to quit their jobs and become their own boss, TRAVEL, and have the freedom to create the lives they dream of. Of course, these time frames vary and depend on the individual but whoever believes in themselves and sees the big picture can make it happen in as fast as 4 months. Quitting their jobs is not always the goal but once they realize they don’t NEED to job and can be their own bosses they usually end up choosing a career with no financial ceiling or someone telling them what to do!

5-Day Free SNEAK PEEK into coaching

I run a sneak peek into what being a coach on the team is all about, you can sign up here to learn more –>[highlight]free coaching sneak peek[/highlight] will teach you details about running your very own fitness-based business from home and how you can transform your life through this opportunity! There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter coach” and I truly believe anyone can do this! Please if you are already a coach or working with one, do not apply for this. Especially if you are already a coach (meaning you have a coach account). You will be removed.

This could be you next year

Next year, the SYSOF Diamond Retreat is taking place in the Caribbean (location will be announced later this month). There is still time to earn this trip if you join now by filling out the from below or emailing me at amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com. New coach training starts on the first Monday of every month. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. There’s no time like the now, join us!

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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings