4 years ago today I was tying the knot with the love of my life. We were standing in city hall in San Francisco taking a leap of faith. There was no engagement or fancy wedding, just BROKE young people who believed in each other and wanted to take the next phase of their lives together MARRIED. To me, marriage isn’t a religious thing. It’s a bond between two people that holds them together through thick and thin. To say we haven’t been tested during these 4 years would be a lie but with every test comes a testimony and here’s mine!

Getting Married: Free Elite 10 trip to Bora Bora

What better gift to get on your anniversary (while you’ve been home all day trying to catch up on work) than an email congratulating you on your 3rd ELITE 10 “trip of a lifetime.” While most people are just trying to get over the hump on the mid-week Wednesday blues, I’m working from my dream home in the Caribbean writing this post about how we’ll be whisked away on our dream honeymoon we could’ve never afforded all those years ago.

What did our honeymoon consist of? A cheap ring charged on credit, a bouquet of bacon from a food cart outside the court house and a 2 night stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Santa Cruz we couldn’t afford. We couldn’t afford the time off. We couldn’t afford to pay for it but we felt we at least deserved a few nights to celebrate our marriage and then that was it. Back to the grind or waiting tables, going to school and counting down the days till I could QUIT MY JOB and be a full time coach.

So, when I share this story it’s only to inspire you. Not brag. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I wasn’t handed this life. I scratched and clawed my way out of utter hell to work for it and I want to share what’s possible with you because I truly believe if I can do it, anyone can. If there’s one thing I’ve always known is that if someone else can do the impossible: SO CAN I. Show me the avenue in which to go down and I will! I’m sure you’re asking yourself the same questions I was when I heard that this was possible “why not me?” Well, it can be you and if you stop waiting for luck to knock on your door and go out and open the doors for yourself it can happen!

Free Elite 10 Trip to france

If you had told me 4 years ago today that this would be my life I would’ve either laughed at you or thought you were crazy. I had zero interest in fitness. I was in art school! I waited tables. I had no business background or zero interest in starting my own business BUT I was 1 year into building my home business as a Team Beachbody coach and just months away from going full time! It only took me 11 months to say good bye to waiting tables forever after 10 years of putting in mindless shifts and feeling like I was going nowhere in life. I hope that inspires you to see that not only can you quit your blood sucking day job — if you want to shoot for the top you can as well.

Free trip to Tahiti from Beachbody

I wanted to share some of the details of the trip with you guys because seeing these types of things when I was considering doing this thing inspired me to no end! And no matter what it looks like to others, it’s my job to pay that forward and show you what’s possible. I want to inspire you to do the same thing I did 5 years ago and when I messaged my coach and said “SIGN ME UP! I’M READY!” Thanks for reading and have a happy hump day. Remember, it’s only January. you have the whole year to make your life what you want of it. Throw away those New Years resolutions and stop playing life safe. Nobody gets out alive anyway. I believe in you.

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