Our Hammer and Chisel Pilot Group is finally ready to kick off. This is the perfect time for this program and for you to make a commitment to YOU and decide that you are going to end this year better then you came into it. A lot of people we have talked to are already feeling the holiday craziness after Thanksgiving and we still have one more month of Merry to go.

You have a choice; always! You can decide that you are going to go after what you want and crush your goals and go into the new year with momentum and on fire or continue to indulge and wake up in a fog on New Years day! There is no reason to hold off until after the first to focus on your health, there is no better time than right now.

Here’s the deal

Celebrity trainers Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev have put together an awesome program designed to pack on the lean muscle mass while shredding the fat all from home. This is the first program of it’s kind with two Professional Bodybuilders lending their expertise to one program. Sagi is the former Mr. Israel and Autumn is a National Level Bikini Competitor so they know what it takes to get the physique we all want. This is also the first time we have ever done anything like this but we know how instrumental fitness has been to our happiness as a couple so Amy and I are allowing any couple or individual to join the Pilot Group by ordering just 1 Challenge Pack. So get involved together and be a part of our first ever Hammer and Chisel Pilot Group and let’s start the 2016 with some FIRE!!!

What you can expect

A full 60-day program that will become available upon purchase IMMEDIATELY streaming through Beachbody On Demand, 30 days worth of Shakeology, entry into our Hammer & Chisel Pilot Group on Facebook for support and camaraderie, a meal guide and free coaches (us!)

Want to see more?

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How to Join the Hammer and Chisel Pilot Group

Click here to get your pack and let me know when you ordered so I can add you to the group!!!! So excited to get shredded with you! Bikini (and board short) bodies are FORGED in the winter. Let’s do this.