Throwback Thursday: My life on drugs. Let’s talk about our past for a second. Let’s talk about the fact that is does not define you. That if it doesn’t kill you (where in my experience it almost did) it makes you stronger. I have to be gentle with myself. I have to remember how far I’ve come crawling out from the gutters of literal hell. Sometimes it fees like LIFETIMES ago. To look back at the girl I used to be. A shell of a human, no self confidence or self esteem. Filling up my days with booze, clubs and bars because I had nothing to live for.

Before finding my way to Beachbody, health and actively drinking and drugging on a daily basis.


I realized one night in a fury of alcohol induced rage that I was REALLY good at drinking. It was time I applied myself to be REALLY good at LIVING or I wouldn’t have much to show myself in the years to come. It didn’t happen over night. It took 2,383 days of not picking up a drink or a drug. Asking for LOTS of help. Being teachable and willing to learn. Being hungry for a life that amounted to something. Lots of humility. Lots of self acceptance, forgiveness and discovery. My past does not define me but it is who has molded me into what I am today and I am proud of it! I also have lots of crazy stories to tell…


Photo on 10-16-14 at 4.53 PM #5 copy

Me TODAY. 6 years sober and TOP 10 coach.