While many of us think that the workout itself is the most important part of your health and fitness journey, recovery might be more important, because the faster your muscles ditch the pain you’re experiencing from your previous workout, the faster you’ll be able to move on to the next one.

In addition to Shakeology – which provides the nutrients we need to power through a workout and lead a more healthy life – Beachbody offers a collection of other, more targeted supplements, including the post-workout shake: Recover.

Until now, the Recover shake has only been available in chocolate, and while its yummy flavor is perfect post-workout – check out my review here – some people crave variety, so Beachbody will be introducing an orange version of Recover in May. Yum! I loved the original Orange flavored Results and Recovery formula, it tasted like an Orange Julius, so I am excited for this to come out!

Orange Recover Review

The new addition to the Beachbody shake family is designed to help boost recovery times while easing muscle soreness, and it has definitely helped me.

Since the Beachbody Lifestyle is such an important part of my life, I work out A LOT, and the physical pain sometimes makes it harder to get started when it’s time for my next training session. When using Recover, my body still lets me know that I’m getting the most out of my workouts – and which muscle groups I’ve really been focusing on – but the recovery time is quicker, so there’s no more time spent like the Tin Man waiting for Dorothy and her can of oil.

Beachbody is adding the new flavor of Recover to expand the taste options that we all have when we use the products on a regular basis. Recover and the entire Performance Line in general also emphasize new nutritional needs as we take a new new direction with our fitness, packing more power and more strenuous workouts into smaller windows of time. Shorter workouts require different fuel based on the way our bodies function, and Recover addresses that need.

New Orange Recover

When working out for long periods of time doing a program like P90X and Insanity – both great ways to push yourself and your fitness levels to the limit – the glycogen (a form of glucose) that our muscles store is zapped quickly. Since glycogen provides energy, replenishing it after a tough workout is pretty essential. Beachbody’s previous recovery drink – PX90 Results and Recovery Formula – was focused on restoring hydration, replenishing glycogen to fuel muscles and helping muscles repair, strengthen and grow.

With shorter workouts, however, protein intake is more important than restoring glycogen, so the new Recover orange shake – just like its chocolate-flavored partner – focuses more on protein (20 grams per serving) rather than glycogen (10 grams per serving) to help muscles begin the recovering process more quickly. Any extra glycogen your muscles need for energy will come naturally through food.

If you’re doing tougher workouts, though, it would be smart to supplement with Beachbody Performance Hydrate, which helps restore the nutrients and electrolytes you lose through sweating. I live in a tropical climate so I sweat A LOT while I workout so I use Hydrate during my Max 30 or morning Beachbody onDemand cardio session. Hydrate combined with Recover work in synergy to meet your body’s needs, restoring both glycogen and protein along with other necessary nutrients.

Shakeology and the Beachbody Performance Line of products is important not only because they help your body recover faster, they also speed up your results, making you less likely to throw in the towel when you feel pain (you’ll be pain-free faster with Recover Orange or Recover Chocolate), when you feel drained (Shakeology helps give you sustained energy throughout the day) or when you need some energy to really kick your workout into gear (lemony Energize helps you break through the wall and finish your session).

I already know what an awesome addition Recover has been to my workouts so having a new flavor is EXCITING! I can’t wait to be enjoying some citrusy goodness post workout!

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It will be available in Sample packs and separately.