Every Thursday we celebrate achievements on the team. I know most “jobs” have employee of the month or some crappy free pizza they give away for good performance (at least that was my reward when I was a waitress) but the way things work when you’re your OWN boss is you give YOURSELF raises, promotions and bonuses. They aren’t a measly “good raise” yearly which is usually 3-5% but some coaches are doubling and even tripling their income from month to month. So, today I’d like to congratulate those coaches who reached out to me via social media and my monthly SNEAK PEEK (which you can join by emailing me: amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com – next one starts Sept 14th) and are now learning how to run their home businesses and help people in the process!

Let’s start with Rochelle! She’s a mommy, wife and signed up as a coach just 2 weeks ago!! Just like that — she decided “I’m going to do this!” Contacted me and BOOM, she’s on her way to not just getting healthy for herself and her family but also providing extra income for her growing family.

Rochelle wrote:

“I have been on a health and fitness journey for several years. I have tried and failed, been pregnant 4 times, gathered myself back together and then tried again. And again. I had many ups, downs and times that my progress had stalled, but one thing was constant: my will to succeed. I was not giving up. At first it was purely aesthetic, I only wanted to look good–but I have grown to realize that it’s so much more than that. It’s actually about f e e l i n g good and being healthy from the inside out.

I have lost inches and weight and gained knowledge and experience. I now realize exactly what it takes for me to change my body, see progress both on and off the scale, and reach my goals. Consistency and accountability are non-negotiable. Proper nutrition is non-negotiable. Moving your body is non-negotiable.”

Way to go girl and good for you for paying it forward! That’s the missing piece that so many of us need. Coaching is the next step because you can’t keep what you have unless you give it away!!

Emerald Coach - Rochelle

Ashleigh is on fire!! After signing up just 3 months ago she’s kick butt helping people and reaching her goals. She made it clear to me she wants to achieve the following by helping people: Create/Establish team that believes in the same goal of changing people inner and outer lifestyle with health, Buy another English Bulldog (because who doesn’t want lots of puppies), Donate 1,000 to an animal shelter (I love she wants to give back to animals) and her 5 year goal is buy another home: CASH! In what world can you make goals to buy things CASH? In our world!! If you have a mortgage you still owe someone money, so you are still in debt and therefore you are no acquiring wealth. So, I love that she’s giving herself some really awesome goals she can start checking off her vision board! Yeah girl, so proud to have you on my team and in my life. Set your soul on fire daily and help all the puppies!!

Emerald Coach Ashleigh

Brianna initially became a coach because she wanted to “transform myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. and the discount doesn’t hurt either 😉 If my business is successful, I can hopefully help to pay off my student loans.” She also mentioned her love of TRAVEL and never having enough funds to do so! I can relate to this 1000%!!! That was also my main motivation to becoming a coach next to helping people as well. Even though she battles with anxiety and shyness she has still been able to get outside her comfort zones on social media and help others as well as growing personally which is huge!! That is a huge win in itself, so I can’t wait to see where you’ll be months if not years from now! Proud of you girl.

Emerald Coach Brianna