Give me every bikini!

My lifestyle today looks a lot different than it did when I lived in the Pacific Northwest and so does my wardrobe. I traded those flannels, boots, and jeans, for some flip flops and a bikini. I have tried so many bikinis in the last couple years that I feel like an expert and also like I should own stock in a couple of the companies lol. I am an active girl, I am always in the ocean and I am always out taking photos with my husband. Any bikini I wear has to be comfortable, it has to be functional, and it has to look good. A lot of the bikinis I wore traded one for the other, it was functional but lacked style or was super stylish and cute and did not function well at all. If we are out stand up paddle boarding and shooting photos I do not want to be pulling on my top all the time and I need to have the confidence that I look good without having to constantly check. I know that life is all about compromise but I will not compromise style for function. When I moved to Puerto Rico I met a girl who was a sponsored athlete for Savage Swim and she raved about their bikinis. I followed Savage Swim on Instagram for a while and followed some of their sponsored athletes as well. I love watching what inspirational, fit, entrepreneurial, badass women are doing. My friend introduced me to Beth, the owner, and we started to talk.

savage swim bikini in Vahine Island

Self made and dues paid.

If you follow Savage Swim you will see a lot of really motivational athletes rocking some super stylish bikinis. I looked at these women who are totally ripped, a lot of them are tattooed and doing there own thing in life, and they inspired me to really embrace the strong is sexy look. As I said before, I love people who are self made, who decide that they want something and they go for it regardless of what anyone else says or does. People who do not let their circumstances define them but instead define their circumstances. Savage Swim embodies that, every suit is custom, handmade in the USA in St. Augustine, FL. The company was started by a badass woman named Beth who had no background in bikinis but like most of us could not find a bikini that fit her the way she wanted it to. So she made her own. She started an awesome company built on quality, style, and EMPOWERMENT. She sponsors a bunch of badass, entrepreneurial female athletes, and embodies strength and individuality in a way that I admire. For my recent adventure to French Polynesia (which you can read about here) she had me pick a couple of suits and a rash guard and I lived in them.


She asked & I said YES!

From Sports bras to biknis

If there’s two things I know to be true:

1. The Amy in the picture above would NEVER EVER imagine she’d be a SPONSORED ATHLETE never mind specializing in bikinis. That’s right, I’m the newest member of the Savage Swim Tribe! Eeek!!

2. That the POWER OF YES is more than you can ever know!

Do you know how many NO’s I get daily? But, when people say NO to me, it is not personal, its not to me they are closing the doors on. They are simply delaying the start of their journey. It has nothing to do with me. You never know where the breadcrumbs may lead you unless you pick them up. I was taught early on in my sobriety that if someone asks me to do something positive and there is not a REALLY good reason I cannot do it then I need to say yes. When I was asked to be a SAVAGE SWIM girl it was not only mind blowing to me, but it was obvious that I could not say no!! That would just be dumb and it would be turning something down that I asked the universe for. You just do not do that! You know why? Because if you do, then the Universe stops sending you life lines. Do not ever turn down gifts from above. I’m so excited to meet all the girls one day and expand my tribe of entrepreneurs, hard workers and all around badass chicks! Shout out & THANK YOU to Beth Reeb who built her business with the blood, sweat and tears that all of us self made women know all so well!! I even have my own fancy code that you can use to get 10% off: AMY ~ tag me in your swag when you get them, I want to see you in them!