We will get to my Shift Shop Results but first let’s recap the Test Group!

By now you have probably read, watched or heard a lot about the just released program the Shift Shop. This is the new 3 week program from Beachbody led by the brand new Super Trainer Chris Downing. You can read all about it and watch a little video about Chris in this previous post that I did. The Shift Shop is a rapid results program that ramps up over the 3 weeks. It starts with 25 minute workouts the first week then 35 minute the second and 45 the 3rd. There is a 4th week that is 50 minute workouts for anyone who wants to do two rounds and take it to the next level. The meal plan tapers off of most carbs over the 3 weeks to leave you lean and chiseled at the end. However, it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGGIES which makes this plant loving girl happy! The strength and agility workouts were so fun and made me feel like an athlete, there are no boring bicep curls or static crunches. Chris is an inspirational and motivational person so he keeps the program fun and engaging. I was selected to participate in the corporate test group for the Shift Shop and I was really excited to workout and participate in a group with my fellow Coaches and Chris!

The group was really fun and I am always honored to be selected. I love doing the Corporate Test groups because it brings me back to the basics and to what originally drew me to Beachbody, it is just a group of people doing the same things and working on becoming better versions of themselves while supporting each other through all of the trials and tribulations that come from a lifestyle change. That is what a Challenge Group is all about and sometimes it is fun to be a participant because I am always leading my own groups. The support and accountability that come from being in a group with a bunch of other people who are on the same journey, have the same mindset, and are looking to change for the better is VITAL to success. When we do things alone we are rarely successful but when we work in a group to help each other achieve amazing results it is much easier to stay accountable and push play when your day has run away from you. In our Test Group Chris Downing went live in the Facebook Group every day. He got on every one about their form or said what an amazing job we were doing. He shared personal stories and tips and tricks for motivation and he was always genuine. He showed that he really cared about us and the program and that it is his mission to help people change their lives for the better no matter where they are starting from. I wanted to use this post to not only share my results from the Shift Shop Test Group with you but also some of the results from my peers.

My Shift Shop Results!

I did 2 rounds of the Shift Shop and worked my ass off with the group through the time that I went to the Amalfi Coast with the Elite 10 and the some of the guys from Corporate. (I even got the Vice President of Global Sales, Jeff Hill to do Speed 45 with me by the pool in Capri.) I had so much fun with this program and it really challenged me to be better, to push harder, and to dig even deeper with my commitment to my health and fitness. Can I tell you guys how good it feels to come back from vacation with PROGRESS?! These are my results from two rounds of the Shift Shop and I couldn’t even do the Strength portions because of a lack of sandbags or dumbbells in Greece and I still lost 1″ in my thighs during round 2 in Greece. Holla problem area! What?! Talk about a non-scale victory! I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO DO THIS!! Do you want to know something pretty profound? The scale has not budged. Not once. I have stayed a solid 144lbs throughout both rounds (I’m 5’9″). Can I tell you how much I despise the scale? We just moved and we left it at the old house and have divorced it forever. It does NOTHING for me personally and when I think back to when I was at my happiest + fittest I didn’t own one. Good riddance.

These following 2 Shift Shop Results Success Stories were accomplished in just 21 days of the Shift Shop!

David M. Lost 28 Pounds!


David decided to make the shift and hasn’t looked back — after 21 days of hard work, he lost 28 pounds and 22 inches with the SHIFT SHOP. “The SHIFT SHOP taught me about my limits, and eventually taught me how to overcome them and become someone I never thought I could be. This program will change your life! You need to make the shift!”

JaQualia L. Lost 9.8 Pounds


JaQualia knew she had to challenge herself if she wanted to get into the shape she longed to be in. The SHIFT SHOP was the perfect program for her. After committing for 21 days, she lost 9.8 pounds and 12.75 inches. “I really like the setup of the SHIFT SHOP. ‘Ramp Up’ makes you feel stronger each week. There’s cardio, strength, and core workouts. This program challenges you to get better every day. Also, Chris is funny and very positive!”

Everyone can make the Shift!

As you can see form the results that I posted everyone can make the SHIFT and get the most out of the Shift Shop. There is a modifier during the workouts and Chris Downing personally shows you how to modify each move. The great thing about this program is that Chris challenges you the whole way to not only make a shift in your body and push for physical results but to also make a mental shift and push yourself to become the person that you want to be. Working out each day in the Shift Shop was like combining my personal development with my workout. I want you to get the physical results and feel the mental shift and empowerment that comes with committing to the Shift Shop. I have a group going right now and I want you to be a part of it!

Message me at amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com or through this page to enter the Shift Shop with Team Set Your Soul on fire!