#ThrowbackThursday Thought a little humility was in order for today. Dug up this “before” photo of me from a few summers ago. Before my first ever 3 week cleanse! It’s pretty embarrassing to post but my hope is to illustrate that I have been on this journey for YEARS. I did not magically wake up one day a size 4 and 25lbs lighter with abs and able to do push ups. I did it ONE DAY AT A TIME. I had zero flexibility. Zero strength and zero idea of how to eat. This photo was taken a few years into my journey with Beachbody. The main point I want to illustrate is I have been consistent. I found a company that offers support, the best in super food nutrition and the best workouts you can buy and I’ve stuck to them! The only variable has been what I put in my mouth and it’s taken me years to figure out how to eat and the fix is what got me there. It’s been so liberating to KNOW how to fuel myself properly. I have fluctuated but I have never gone back up to 160+lbs like I was when I started back in 2010. Not once. Not ever. Before the fix I fluctuated between 145 and 150 and now I fluctuate between 135 and 140 (your body will fluctuate 3-5lbs daily fyi!)

I FEEL that social media is an amazing way to hold yourself accountable and to share your journey to empower others. Everyone has their opinions on selfies, fitness accounts, yada yada yada…I don’t give a shit about all that. All I care about is the following:

#1. Does it make me happy? Do I enjoy it?
#2. Is it adding value to others?

If the answer is yes, I do it! I pretty much live my life with those two questions in mind at all times. Am I perfect when it comes to this? No, of course not but I TRY to ask myself this before I do anything involving others. Progress not perfection. I have pissed off people before (ahem, bad breath eyelash girl.) Once I tried veganism for 8 months, I had a lot of opinions and hateful comments being thrown at me left and right when I decided it wasn’t for me…did that stop m e? Ummm…obviously not because I don’t do this to make people happy! I do this for reasons #1 & #2

But, overall. I feel like I am learning a lot about myself and I LOVE sharing it with complete and total strangers. Hahaha. I truly believe strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. Anytime I meet someone in real life I met via FB or IG these days, I feel like we’ve known each other forever. I like it that way! I plan to not just never stop but get better and better at it! I have made a full fledged CAREER out of rules #1 and #2. How awesome is that?

So, I challenge you. Use IG or FB to make a goal and go for it. Whether it’s abs (which took me years to figure out how to get for my body type), a perky butt, lose 20, 30, 40lbs, get healthier, do a push up or a cool yoga pose. I have found it’s much more fun when you’re doing it with others and using social media accountability is a great way to do that! Keep on truckin’ and never give up on your dream healthy body. It’s there. It just takes time. xx

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