Finally some Ultimate Reset Results!

I recently wrapped up my at home wellness retreat with a kick ass group of women and I am so excited to share some Ultimate Reset Results! I have done the Ultimate Reset a few times before and it holds a special place in my heart. It saved my husband’s life and it really showed us what it means to eat healthy. I learn a little more each time I do it and this last time is no different. This time I reconnected with my purpose. I love food and I have spent so much time focused on building muscle this last year that I got away from my passion for whole food, plant-based nutrition. One of the things I am really passionate about sharing with people is that proper nutrition has the ability to fuel us, heal us and give us a foundation to get so much more out of life. When we are eating properly we can literally keep ourselves from getting sick and we can heal so many of the things that lower the quality of our lives on a daily basis. When I say many of the things I mean everything from slow digestion and stomach problems to lack of energy and issues with mood. All of these can be healed or at least improved through proper nutrition. Some of you may be reading this and thinking,”I know all of this AND I eat healthy so what can the Ultimate Reset do for me?” Well, I eat healthy and work out. I treat my body very well and I am very conscious about what I eat and where my food comes from. The fact of the matter is that we all are exposed to high levels of toxins every minute of every day and the food we are eating is less nutritious than it was 50 years ago.  I stuck to the Reset and I lost 6 lbs and more importantly I feel amazing and it has reinvigorated me to continue to eat the right foods and treat my body even better than I was before.


Is it a juice cleanse?

This is a question I get all the time when I talk about this program. The word cleanse is often accompanied by the word juice nowadays but this is not a traditional cleanse. This is about detoxifying the body and resetting it back to its optimal state. This means that there are supplements and a whole lot of delicious, nutritious, cleansing foods. I am going to go ahead and answer your next question. This is a gentle cleanse so you are not running to the bathroom and shocking your system. This is meant to restore you to health and improve your relationship to food so you function better, no teas and no laxatives required.


One of my favorite things about this cleanse is the big salad you eat everyday. Many of the foods you eat throughout the day should be “live” foods and the Ultimate Reset ensures that you are getting plenty of raw foods in your diet. I never felt like I was starving. The recipes are amazing, they have a roasted red pepper bisque, hearty miso soup, fruit salad, baked tempeh, tacos, and you can still have your Vegan Plant Based Shakeology as a sweet treat every day. There is really no restriction on this plan you simply eat whole plant-based foods and take a supplement regimen that changes each week over the 3 weeks.  One of the things both my husband and I learned when we did this program was that foods really begin to taste good, I mean all foods. It is like your taste buds come alive and everything you eat has a natural flavor that was missing before.



Let’s see some Ultimate Reset Results!

I love when people commit to the Ultimate Reset because I love to see their transformation as the weeks go on. It is not only in the way they look but in the way that they feel. Most people never clear all of the toxins , additives, and chemicals out of their diet so they do not even know what an optimally functioning body feels like. I love hearing how they are blown away that they could feel this good simply by altering what they are putting in their bodies. I wanted to share a few stories from the group that highlight just what I am talking about. These ladies were committed through the process. They followed it just like it was meant to be followed and made no excuses and as you can see, they reaped the benefits!

Ashleigh’s Ultimate Reset Results.

Meet Ashleigh, she is vegan so she does not eat any animal products. Ashleigh was having some digestive problems and had seen doctors to get it taken care of but nothing worked. She thought she was eating healthy and doing what is right for her body with her vegan lifestyle so she was unsure about what she would gain through doing the reset but she committed any way. We al have areas where we can tighten up our nutrition and make better choices, no matter how healthy we are. By day 14 Ashleigh was down 9 lbs! This is what she had to say about her 2 week progress:

“I wish I’d taken better before pictures to see my legs lol. I’m pretty sure I was bloated in the before picture. -9 pounds so far! I think I was hold a lot of water because of how I was eating and the tummy troubles I have! So excited to see my results at the end! Bigger than the weight is that my stomach is doing so much better! I have been tested on so much the past two-year to try and find what was going on with my stomach and digestion and nothing the doctors did helped! So I’m very happy and amazed at how great I am feeling! I knew it had to be with something I was eating… But I thought I was eating VERY healthy!”


Things only improved over the next week for Ashleigh. This is what she had to say about her experience with the Reset and her first few days after it:

“My final results! So amazed by them! Wish I would have done the Reset sooner! Yesterday was my last day…. Today I stuck to the eating plan… Not because I HAD to… But because I really WANTED to! I love the recipes and the food so much!
That full scoop of Shakeology was such a treat too!”


One of my other participants Alissa M. had this to say about her Ultimate Reset Results:

“Day 21 is in the books! I’m an official Ultimate Reset Graduate! I lost 11 lbs and 11.5 inches all over. I feel amazing and so incredibly thankful for this life changing journey. I’m sleeping better, feeling more alert, my memory has improved, I feel more confident in the kitchen, and I no longer crave sweets or junk food that used to have such a strong hold on me. It’s amazing how simply changing your diet can affect your life in SO many ways. Aside from all the health benefits and the new relationship I formed with food, I learned that if I really set my mind to something, I CAN accomplish it. I feel like I’ve tapped into this new potential that I never knew I had. I’m so happy to have accomplished this! Looking forward to my 21 day fix workout later today. Stay strong to the rest of you still on the journey, it’s SO worth it!”


Michelle B. had this to say about going through the Ultimate Reset:

“The thing I enjoyed the most about the cleanse was really slowing down bonding with my food. Sounds strange but its true! After a few days and my taste buds adjusted, I could really taste the punch of flavor in everything. Even things I use to think tasted bland. I’ve taken on a huge appreciation for food and gained a new sense of direction with my wellness goals. It has literally changed my life and I feel incredible! I’m so happy that I invested the time and money into myself to go through this process! and I lost 9.8 pounds”


Alexis O. is only 6 days in but WHOA!

“I just weighed myself I’ve lost 8.9lbs so far! For someone who’s sworn off the scale since freshman year of high school, I needed to face it to be able to actually measure if I was losing anything or not. I was putting my body through a lot of strenuous exercise and not taking my nutrition as seriously. I thought I knew a lot about how to eat healthy and clean, but when I took the photo on the left I realized I really don’t have a clue! There’s so much information out there and things that have worked a lot of people.

I feel the ultimate reset is working for me because I had some skin in it–I paid money for it and have been investing time into cooking my meals instead of being lazy. A lot of the times I would have rather grabbed something quick and easy because I was tired, but once again I spent money on this so I was able to commit! I’ve found that I actually have enough money to buy all the ingredients because I wasn’t buying any other drinks like kombucha or lattes. Also pre-packaged even “healthy food” adds up, so I have enough funds to follow the meal plan exactly so far.

Before, I would tell myself okay I’m going to eat clean all this week and would fail 3 days in. I like the structure of the meal plan and the community of people who have gone before me to remind me daily that I CAN do this!”


WOW!! What fantastic Ultimate Reset Results!!!

Well, that was a lot of kick ass Ultimate Reset Results! This program works and the thing I love about it is that it connects us to our food. During the entire cleanse we eat like I feel we are supposed to be eating and the results are truly extraordinary. There is never a wrong time to do this program and I have people starting it every week. If you are feeling sluggish, you have bloat, or you feel like you are not physically performing at your potential then message me and let’s see if this program is right for you. I honestly think that everyone should do this program at least once just to see what it is like to be performing in a peak state. You are what you eat and the Ultimate Reset ensures that you are feeding yourself only the best foods while cleaning out the toxins that are stored in your body from daily life.

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