As we say goodbye to 2014, I sit and reflect on this incredible year. I was able to travel to Belize 3X – one of those times I hosted my first ever fitness retreat where I taught PiYo and trained coaches in the network.

I went on my first cruise which was all expenses paid for two  // upgraded to a cabin suite for being TOP 10, treated to an exclusive dinner and showered with goodies.  Was able to stay afterwards and visit the Keys and see my mom. Flown first class with Kevin Mashburn to Italy where we were spoiled rotten and treated like celebrities on a 5-STAR vacation worth around 30K. Were able to afford to go in a week early and explore the country and have a romantic getaway.

Went to Las Vegas for our annual coach summit where I was celebrated for my achievements and my team’s achievements. Rented out a house and spoiled my Diamond coaches for a weekend getaway just because I CAN. Gifted yet another trip to Arizona where we were given free training and spoiled yet again, just because THEY CAN. Had my life changed by going to a Tony Robbins event that was gifted to me and my hubby by my mentor.

We moved from Portland to a beautiful vacation rental nestled in the Cascades of Sunriver, Oregon where we’ve loved living and exploring. My 6-figure income doubled, my team volume increased by over 2 million & I groomed one of my personally sponsored coaches to an ELITE coach & she groomed one of HER coaches into an ELITE coach (.001% in the company!!)

My marriage went through some of the toughest times to date but we came out stronger and happier than ever. I’ve started to learn how to snowboard, I was in the test group for one of the most amazing home workout programs ever invented which left me in the best shape of my LIFE.

I have been appointed a CAB (coach advisory board) member by the CEO, VP and execs of a BILLION dollar company and I’ll be finishing the year in the TOP 3 of the company out of over 250K coaches with a lot more ink and in sunny San Diego! 😉 I’m sure I left some things out! WOW!!!!

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This will be my last full year of my 20’s and it’s been the most incredible year to date. Definitely not how I entered my 20’s! LOL!! The years just keep getting better and better and it continues to blow my mind day after day.

I truly feel this is just the beginning for me and my team. I get goosebumps to think of where our lives will be at this time next year. I’m designing my vision board for 2015 this evening and I have some big plans and goals. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of my life this year, my fitness challenges, my team, my explorations, whoever I’ve met on my travels and who has been a part of my life. You know who you are but most of all, THANK YOU to the company that changed my life through helping me discover what true HEALTH and happiness feels like all those years ago. To allow me the opportunity to help people learn that they can achieve MORE by paying it forward, to be apart of OTHERS lives and see them WORK for what they want.

I couldn’t be more grateful for waking up feeling fulfilling and purposeful on a daily basis. That’s the biggest gift of all and it will continue to always be what really TRULY fills me up! The rest is just icing on top because at this time 4 years ago, I was just finishing my first program and considering becoming a coach. The ONE decision has gifted me a life beyond limits! I’m welcoming the new year with open arms.


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