While you might not have found yourself dancing beneath multicolored disco lights in the 1970s or donning cowboy boots and a 10-gallon hat when the line dancing craze saw a revival in the 1980s, you don’t want to miss out on Autumn Calabrese’s new Country Heat.

The latest program from the creator of the 21 Day Fix – Beachbody’s most popular workout program for the past two years – won’t be out until the beginning of August, but I earned an opportunity to be one of the first to try Country Heat during the recent Beachbody Success Club cruise to Jamaica and the Bahamas, so now I can share with you everything I love about this amazing workout, hopefully enticing you to give it a try when it becomes available in a few months.

The program includes a fun, sweat-inducing workout that’s essentially a new take on line dancing with a challenging but muscle-burning workout thrown into the mix.

This cardio-packed workout is excellent for the heart-pumping moves alone, but because it also targets specific muscle groups – and because muscles burn calories at a faster pace, your metabolism will go through the roof and you’ll torch calories faster than ever!

Country Heat also takes care of a couple of the top excuses most people have when it comes to working out – “I don’t have time” or “The moves are too complicated.”

Of course you have the time…

The Country Heat program features dance workouts – set to the songs that are popular on country music radio stations right now – that average 26 minutes a day, along with 15-minute breakdown sessions that firm, tone and tighten all those problem areas so when the cardio has melted away your excess fat, your new, hard-earned muscles will be beautifully on display.

The best part of the workout is that is allows you to create your own routine. You can customize your workout so on days when you only have a few minutes to spare you can still build muscle and burn fat, and on days when your schedule is more relaxed you can invest a little more time.

‘Country Heat’ isn’t complicated…

Even though Autumn Calabrese is a professionally-trained dancer, there’s no reason to be intimidated. Autumn’s program features easy-to-follow dance moves, so even if this is the first workout video you’ve ever done, you’ll be dancing along in no time.

The breakdowns are easy to follow too, because she does each move a few times, allowing you to get the hang of it on your own time. If you don’t get a move right the first few times, just rewind and start over or remember that tomorrow is another day!

Because you are using your body’s own natural resistance for the muscle-building portion of the workout, there’s no equipment to buy, so this one’s perfect for traveling, and I will absolutely be pulling it out when I’m in a hotel room during my end of the year adventures.

And if you’re truly having trouble with the moves – not uncommon for beginners as their muscles begin to understand how to move – “there is a modifier in all the workouts,” Autumn says, so there’s really nothing stopping you from getting started.

In fact, this is a really great workout program for beginners, because the moves follow along with the beat of the music so they’re rhythmic and comfortable – but not so comfy that you won’t work up a real sweat.

In addition to the workouts – five dance workouts and one full-body conditioning workout plus a bonus line-dancing workout – Autumn’s Country Heat program includes a 30-day calendar to keep you on track, a nutrition guide along with seven portion-control containers that really simplify how you eat. There’s also a Shakeology cup, making your most important meal of the day easier to take in.

The entire 30-day program will be available for $59.85, which is a small price to pay for transforming your body and your mind.

You’ll also learn a little line dancing, so you can bust a move the next time you find yourself in a country bar and a sexy cowboy notices your rockin’ body and asks you to dance.

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Check out this awesome Q&A From Autumn during our exclusive workout: