Make NOW the time to check out Beachbody

If you’ve been waiting to try some of the best Beachbody home workouts, NOW is the time, since some of my favs are on sale throughout the entire month of November 2015.

The excellent workout programs on sale this month include the 21 Day Fix, the 21 Day Fix Kickstart, the 21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart, CIZE and CIZE Kickstart – each one designed to give you a new body and the strength and determination to make it last.

Disclosure: I am affiliated with Beachbody and this post may contain affiliate links I earn a small commission from. That said, I use Beachbody products myself every day and recommend them to my closest family and friends as a life changer!


21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix on sale

21 Day Fix + Shakeology Challenge Pack

This program by Autumn Calabrese merges smart nutrition tips with high-energy fitness. The sale pack includes six workouts, 30 days of Shakeology, a free 30-day Team Beachbody Club membership that includes free Beachbody on Demand streaming video – that’s every Beachbody video available whenever you want to work out – and a free insulated tote bag.

This month, save $70, and pay just $140 for everything in the package.


21 Day Fix Extreme

21 Day Fix Extreme on Sale

21 Day Fix Extreme + Shakeology Challenge Pack

Autumn gets serious with this hard-core 21-day program, which includes 30-minute workouts and a nutrition program that focuses on clean eating. The program includes color-coded portion control containers so you know exactly what to eat and how much. The Challenge Pack also includes 30 days of Shakeology and a 30-day membership to Team Beachbody Club, which makes the Beachbody library available to keep things fresh for the month – and keep you motivated.

Plus, you’ll save $70 at the low $140 November sale price.


21 Day Fix Kickstart

2 Day Fix Kickstart on Sale

21 Fix Kickstart + Shakeology Challenge Pack

This is the program for people who want big results FAST! It includes Autumn’s 3-Day Refresh Kit, her 21-Day Fix program, a collection of 30-minute workouts – so no time will never again be an excuse – and color-coded containers to help with portion control. (And don’t forget the 30-day Team Beachbody Club membership, which unlocks the entire Beachbody library!)

This month, pay only $180, and save $95 over the full price of the pack.


21 Day Fix EXTREME Kickstart

21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart on Sale


21 Day Fix EXTREME Kickstart + Shakeology Challenge Pack

This get-results-fast program is designed to help you get fit in a flash. The Challenge Pack includes Autumn’s intense nutrition program – it focuses on clean eating, so you’ll get rid of all the crap – along with portion control containers and a tough-but-effective workout program that take just 30 minutes a day. Again, it includes a 30-day membership to the Team Beachbody Club, which gives you a chance to find out if Beachbody on Demand and other Beachbody programs – including being coached by me! – is right for you.

You’ll save $95 at the low $180 price tag.



Cize on sale

CIZE + Shakeology Challenge Pack

Save a bunch this month when teaming up the dance-focused CIZE workouts with a 30-day supply of energy-producing Shakeology. The program includes six fat-obliterating dance courses, a meal plan as well as guides to help you get started and a handful of free gifts, along with a free 30-day trial to Team Beachbody Club, which again includes the On Demand library to keep your workouts fresh.

Cize, at $140, you save $90 over buying each item separately.


CIZE Kickstart

Cize Kickstart Sale


CIZE Kickstart + Shakeology Challenge Pack

This results-driven program starts with a 3-Day Refresh to get you back on track and free you from unhealthy eating habits. You will also receive the CIZE base kit with dance-based workouts that melt away fat, the Hold Your Own DVD and a 30-day subscription to the Team Beachbody Club, which includes access to thousands of variety-packed workouts.

Cize Kickstart, priced at $180, you’ll save more than $115 over the regular price.


Shakeology Boost Bundles

Shakeology Boost on Sale

Focused Energy + Digestive Health

Focused Energy + Power Greens

Complete Boost Bundle

Boost up your Shakeology (or other healthy drinks) and customize your daily nutrition to your moods and needs. Whether you need a shock of energy and focus, a little digestive cleanse or some extra veggies in your life, these boosts are your answer.

Save 25% for a limited time


If you’ve been thinking about trying Beachbody, now is the best time to get started. The savings are remarkable, and you’ll be getting a chance to add some of the hottest workouts on the market to your collection.