Weight loss, zero exercise, no diet, the 2B Mindset is here

I was fortunate to be chosen for the corporate test group for the revolutionary program the 80 Day Obsession which means that I have spent the last year pushing myself and staying dialed in to timed nutrition and 60 minutes a day/6 day per week..  To say that I have reached a point where I want to reconnect with my holistic, mindful, balanced nutritional roots would be an understatement.  I feel there is a place for both and structure does equal freedom but is there a middle ground? I was unsure how I was going to do it but Beachbody stepped in with the brand new 2B Mindset which is focused on mindful eating, a healthy relationship to food, and losing weight with NO EXERCISE required. Beachbody is the only company to bridge the gap between the fitness industry and the healthy industry and I’m so grateful to be apart of it since I am passionate about both.

Meet Ilana, architect of the 2B Mindset.

Let’s take a second to meet Ilana, MS, Registered Dietician who sits on the board of the American Heart Association and creator of the 2B Mindset. She has been through the unhealthy relationship to food, childhood obesity and has come out the other side to hep people with a mindful and most importantly sustainable approach to eating. Check out her story, it is truly awesome.


What’s the 2B Mindset all about?

The 2B Mindset is Beachbody’s first totally nutrition-based program. It is not a workout program and not a “diet” either. It is all about changing how you relate to food and also your mindset about eating and nutrition. The great thing is that Ilana says that she loves to eat, she is a volume eater so she needed to come up with a way that you can eat big portions, not restrict food types, not say no to the foods that you love, and still lose weight. This may sound too good to be true but that is what the foundation of the 2B Mindset.

I am a self-proclaimed foodie and I love eating more intuitively for health goals. I have done a lot of experimentation with different nutritional philosophies and I do have a solid idea of what works for me but it can go off the rails if I do not at least have a plan of how to eat. This is why I am so excited about the 2B Mindset. I need the foundations that Ilana gives so that I can go into any situation and know that I am making good choices and still getting results. Structure equals freedom and I look forward to doing this with you and enjoying all my favorite foods!

What will I learn with the 2B Mindset?

    • Strategies for health in the real life situations we all face like restaurants and parties.
    • Strategies and suggestions to overcome common weight loss challenges.
    • Nutrition basics from a REAL dietitian with a successful practice.
    • New healthy recipes that are easy to make and the whole family will love.
    • Shopping lists
    • Time-saving tips meal prep tips


Do I need the 2B Mindset?

Who doesn’t want a healthier relationship with food and more confidence about making the healthy choices in any situation?

  • Have you struggled to lose weight in the past?
  • Do you want a healthy or healthier relationship to food?
  • Do you struggle with cravings?
  • Do you struggle with consistency with your nutrition?
  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Are you new to exercise or cannot exercise currently?
  • Have you tried dieting and failed.
  • Are you working out and still not losing weight?

If you answered yes to any of these or more than one then you could definitely benefit from the 2B Mindset.

2B Mindset FAQ

Are there workouts?

Nope, no workouts. This does not mean that you cannot workout but as Ilana says, it is extra credit.

Do we measure portions with the containers?

Nope, there are no containers in this program. You are free from the PCS for this.

How long is the program?

Unlike the 21 Day Fix or the 80 Day Obsession, there is no set time frame for the 2B Mindset. This is a lifestyle program where you will learn a way to eat that will keep you satisfied and moving forward no matter where you go or what you do. I personally have been doing the PCS/timed nutrition since last Fall so I plan to finish off the year doing 2B. I believe any new lifestyle choice should be given at least 6-8 months before deciding if it’s for us or not! It takes time to get results and get used to changes.


Here are amazing results from some of the test group participants:

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