Hey everyone! As you probably know if you’d been following me — I took some of the coaches on my Set Your Soul on Fire team to Jamaica in February on a DREAM vacation – an ELITE retreat — my treat to my top SYSOF Beachbody team members. It’s a reward for the coaches who have worked hard over the past year to change as many lives as possible and finished in the top .001% out of over 250K coaches in ALL of the US and Canada! For one week, we stayed in the beautiful resort, Strawberry Fields Together in Robins Bay. This is a little recap of what an elite retreat looks like!

Strawberry Fields Jamaica - Elite Retreat

The Vacation Starts…

Our trip started in the Florida Keys, eating delicious local food and hitting up some farmers markets and craft shops. It was a good place to transition into the Caribbean before actually getting on the plane in Miami!

After landing in Jamaica, we stopped on the way to Robins Bay to eat some delicious jerk chicken and watch some cricket. When we got to our destination, we found our gorgeous two-story villa where we could cook in one of two kitchens, hang out on our choice of the few balconies, make use of the outdoor shower and bath, or hang out in a nearby cove that was practically private. (All of it was great, but I thought the best part was hearing the waves crash on the beach at night—it was like sleeping in a boat.) This friendly adventure-travel eco-village in Robins Bay, close to the Blue Mountains, waterfalls, black sand beaches, stunning mountain views, and yummy authentic home-cooked Jamaican food! I’m not one for hotels. I like to experience the culture of the lands.  Unplug and unwind. No white sandals resort for me, no Wifi, no air conditioning.

Exploring Jamaica—the local way

 During our days, we worked out in the sun, swam, took pictures, and went on adventures. We dedicated two days to driving around the Blue Mountains, trying local foods, exploring villages, and visiting a coffee plantation. In general, we tried to experience the “local” wonders of Jamaica—the waterfalls, winding streets, jerk shacks, and even a coconut plantation. We got to see Port Royal, where the original Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, take a boat ride with locals to a stunning black sands beach, and hike to a secluded waterfall where we had a delicious lunch cooked for us by fire before heading back through the brush — Jamaican style!!

What About Food?

 Eating Coconuts on Jamaica's ELITE RETREAT


At the end of our week, we were all spoiled. Our resort was kind enough to cook specifically for our dietary needs while keeping with the awesome regional cuisine: we had lobster, coconut milk, breadfruit, ackee with saltfish, callaloo, bammy, etc. Since it was a rewards vacation, not a weight-loss trip, we gave ourselves some slack.  As healthy women into fitness, we were glad to work out every day. Shakeology remained a cornerstone of our diet, we guzzled coconut water, and our meals were oh-so-fresh, but we allowed luxuries: food was abundant and the booze flowed. But we all wanted to feel our best, so we balanced out the bad with the abundant good of fresh Jamaican cuisine and physical activity. I for one stayed sober the whole time but my girls enjoyed themselves to the fullest!!

Jamaica - Strawberry Fields

What did I wear?

People are always asking what I’m wearing in my photos so I’m sharing! I brought along my beachy favorites: RVCA, Billabong, Lucky Brand, Swimamara, and Victoria’s Secret pieces. For sun protection, I used Maui Babe products to tan and Coola and Alba sunblocks. For my hair, I had Kevin Murphy. All of that, plus my Pendleton towel, Jane Iredale makeup, and awesome VSX sport bras, filled my bag. Check out my Amazon Store for products!

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If you go…

I can’t recommend enough that you stay off of Jamaica’s “beaten” path. You can hire a tour guide to show you all the best places. By straying from the usual, we were able to see the real Jamaica in all of its beauty: waterfalls, black sand beaches, islands… We were able to even discover our own beautiful place to watch the sun rise on the water. According to the villagers we met, most Americans miss these things and head straight to the tourist towns.
I also suggest you stop at a convenience store to stock your fridge and not fear giving special requests to the chefs. They were ultra-obliging of our needs!

waterfall in jamaica

How did it go?

In short, my trip to Jamaica and my stay at Strawberry Fields Together was fantastic, and I am sure my girls would agree! My only regret is that we couldn’t all stay longer: it was such an amazing experience. I will be taking my elite coaches back next year FOR SURE! This is our new favorite spot to unplug and enjoy the fruit of our labor. Really can’t beat the coach life — at least the set your soul on fire coach life….

Massage Jamaica

[highlight]How do I get in on this awesomeness?[/highlight]

Most people who follow me have no idea what I do or think they can’t do it. It’s those select few who find their way here to my blog or Youtube channel that find out I’m just a normal girl that end up contacting me.  Have you ever desired to quit your job and travel the world? Earn your living by helping people from home? Are you a hard worker and are tired of there being a cap on your earning potential? That you have to answer to someone? That you’re busy building someone else’s dreams when you could be building yours? That you only have a select few travel weeks a year? Or maybe you do love your job but you’d like to be your OWN boss? You want to travel the world or maybe just be able to spend more time with your family? Whatever it is, you’re not the only one. Turns out there’s a whole tribe of people like you called TEAM SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE that are all working together to live a passionate life with no boundaries, no rules and nobody who puts limits on them. TWO of them earned this trip this year and BOTH of them signed up at this time last year. In just 12 months their lives have completely changed. BOTH of them made 1K+ last week (yes, in ONE WEEK) and they joined me on this trip in February. They were also on a free trip with me earlier this year that Beachbody awarded us and I couldn’t be more proud of their growth.

girls jamaica

If YOU want to be a part of this team, this LIFE, you need to contact me to get you started. It’s the first step to changing YOUR life. Don’t let fears or self doubt get in your way, people’s opinions or justifications – just go for it. Contacting a coach was the same way I got started and you can too. I contacted my coach on Facebook (who I didn’t know but saw her posts and got inspired) and said “what do I need to do, to do what YOU’RE doing?” She got me signed up, I started off just like everyone else but what set me apart was my belief in myself, my desire to pay it forward and I won’t stop till everyone who is supposed to be on my team traveling the world with me is. If this is you, email me at amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com or fill out the form below.

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