The 21 Day Fix Revolution.

The 21 Day Fix was revolutionary when it was released. It paired a straight forward workout regimen with the FIXATE color coded portion control containers and meal plan and people, including my husband and I, got amazing results. Helping people dial in portions in a simple way while they were already exercising was an absolute game changer. The meal plan also came with recipes that were FIX approved to help people add variety into their diets but the massive success of the program meant that people needed more options. This led to the next evolution of the FIX brand, the bestselling book by 21 Day FIX Creator Autumn Calabrese: FIXATE. FIXATE is packed with delicious meal plan approved recipes for any and all taste buds. They are easy to prepare and give you the ability to change up what you are eating to stay out of a “food rut”. The variety helps keep you interested and helps keep you focused on getting the results you are working so hard for. I love how Beachbody is always looking for ways to simplify the process of eating right and working out. They are always looking for ways to provide more education, better products, and to take away excuses that are common with people who are on their health journey or looking to start it.

Taking FIXATE to a whole new level.

This is where the brand new FIXATE Cooking show starring Autumn Calabrese and her chef brother Bobby Calabrese on Beachbody On Demand comes in. This show has something for everyone. There are vegan, vegetarian, paleo-friendly, and gluten-free options and the recipes are simple and done step by step. This means that you can see EXACTLY how everything is made and every recipe is designed using the color coded portion control container system so you can be sure that you are getting your correct portions when you cook.



Healthy Meal Prep Made Easy.

With the FIXATE cooking show Autumn brings her nutritional know how to the table while her brother Bobby brings the culinary chops that he forged in restaurants from New Your to Italy to show you how to make dishes like Wasabi Cream Cheese Salmon Burgers and Chicken Mole. There are also foundations episodes included that show you kitchen basics like what things you need in your kitchen and of course the basics of meal prep. You can even download and print the recipes and grocery lists directly from the Beachbody On Demand site. The goal is that you will expand your culinary skills, keeping you out of a dreaded “Food Rut” by making food that looks and tastes amazing. This will make you more likely to stick to your nutrition and keep you on the road to accomplishing your goals. The Fixate Cooking Show on Beachbody On Demand really allows you to take your healthy meal prep to the next level. There are plenty of recipes that everyone will enjoy. Contact me today with any questions or if you would like to discuss your health and fitness goals.

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