It’s Friday! What does that mean? Most people are heading into the weekend. What do you have planned? Do you have a healthy weekend plan? There was a time in my life that the weekend meant nothing but party, eat, party, drink…but at some point I started to see the BIG PICTURE! Over time, I have made a successful complete lifestyle change but it took time & changing my HABITS.  How do you avoid completely flushing down your hard work from the week in just a few days? Here are my TOP 5 TIPS:

1. Plan outdoor/active activities. A few things I will be doing this weekend is hiking, SUPing & mountain biking. That doesn’t replace my daily Yoga practice either.

2. I will be drinking my Shakeology® every day. Even if I have a day where I eat something not so healthy, I still have peace of my mind I had ONE healthy meal that day packed full of nutrients & superfoods.

3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Like it’s a sport. Every day. Half your body weight in ounces in ideal. So, even if you do have a few drinks you’re hydrating which is a big part of your health.

4. REST. Spend one day catching up on sleep or relaxing in the sun. Your body needs recovery just as much as it need exercise.

5. Grocery shop for healthy foods! Spend a day at your local farmers markets or whole foods stocking up on leafy greens, organic produce & organic/grass fed proteins. Instead of spending your money on junk, invest it back into your health & have some fun in the kitchen!