I wanted to give a shout out to one of my wellness group challengers Kellie for her first round of 21 Day Fix and coaching with me!! She’s well on her way now into her second round and figured I better get a move on congratulating her on her results with 21 Day Fix before she meets her next goal!!

Disclosure: I am affiliated with Beachbody and this post contains product links I earn a small commission from. That said, I use Beachbody products myself every day and recommend them to my closest family and friends as a life changer!

Kellie: 21 Day Fix Results

“My name is Kellie i’m 49 years old and married with two girls and three beautiful grandchildren. I am a hairstylist/photographer and live in Florida.
My husband and I have ordered several Beachbody programs in the past but I’ve never really committed to or finished any of them. I never followed the nutrition plan or drank shakeology and I did not have a coach. I bounced around with my weight my whole adult life until about seven years ago I lost 65 pounds.

I kept the weight off for several years then the past two years I gained it all back!!!! One day while on Instagram I saw a photo of Amy Silverman and started following her. Eventually I got up the nerve to email her and decided to go all in!! Amy suggested I start with the 21 day Fix and Shakeology.

I received my 21 day fix and my shakeology on July 6 and I committed fully for the 21 days with my nutrition and with my workouts. I was only able to do the modified version to begin with and now after 21 days I am killing it !!! Having the meal plan with Shakeology, the workouts, my coach Amy and my group challengers for accountability has been key! I still have a long way to go but with this first round of 21 day fix I lost 10.4 lbs, 14.75 inches, 2.3% body fat and my blood pressure is down -20/-15 points!!!!”

Kellie’s results with 21 Day Fix are nothing short of incredible and it all started with her emailing me at amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com and asking for help! WHY NOT YOU?? Fill out the form below to get started. 

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