I  am in the Official Corporate Test Group for Beachbody’s brand new program called the Shift Shop with the Super Trainer who developed and leads the program Chris Downing. He always talks about making the shift that you need to reach your greatness and I have been having such a great time working hard on my fitness and focusing on upping my mental game that I wanted to pass it on. I am a believer in taking massive action immediately when you feel that you need to make a change and since the program does not come out until the end of July, I came up with something that will help us all change our lives through massively changing our health and fitness over the next 2 months. It has been my experience that we really come alive when we are taking care of our health and fitness and overcoming physical challenge so are you ready to enter the Set Your Soul On Fire Shift?

Here’s the game plan.

We are going to kick this off on June 9th with the 3 day Refresh. This is a gentle cleanse that will help you kick start your health and fitness and get rid of some of that not so great food you may have been eating during Memorial Day Weekend. Then we are going to head right into Shaun Week from June 12-18 which is a brand new endeavor by Shaun T and Beachbody to bring us a new workout every day for 7 days on Beachbody on Demand. You can read more about it on this previous post that I did. Then when Shaun Week is done we are going to move into the Pick Your Path Challenge where you can do any program on Beachbody on Demand. The 21 Day Fix, The 21 Day Fix Extreme, or even one week of each of Shaun T’s programs? Totally up to you! This will take us right into the release of the Shift Shop! This program is AMAZING and we are going to do 3 straight rounds of it. Why? Because it takes 21 days to make a habit, 21 more days to make a change and 21 more days to make it a lifestyle. This is going to take us into fall and we are going to treat it like the life improvement program that it is. We will be focusing not only on getting amazing physical results (which we will) but also on building a kick ass mindset that will assist us in building the lives of our dreams. Your true potential is ready and waiting to be unleashed.

The Prerequisites:

It is time to empower each other to rise above our self imposed limits and take our lives to the next level. If you haven’t already, watch the LIVE interview I did with Chris Downing, buy the book THE PURPLE COW by Seth Godin and start reading it for this group.
Your first steps to your rebirth:
1. Watch the recording: https://youtu.be/kJKE4O7hQxc

2. Make a vision board, write out your vision for your future and goals then, feel free to share in the group for accountability.

3. Find a favorite affirmation and start saying it to yourself every morning in the mirror.

4. Start doing daily meditation (I recommend Bee from the BOD YOGA studio for beginners)

5. BUDDY UP and find someone to hold to a higher standard + invite the to join or pick someone in the group after you are added to our private accountability group.

What you need to do NOW:

You need to order your 3 Day Refresh by this Friday June 2nd to get in on the full group! SO…

  1. CLICK HERE to get your Annual All Access Beachbody on Demand Kickstart Pack which includes:
  • one year’s access to everything that Beachbody on demand has to offer including Shaun Week and The Shift Shop when it releases in July.
  • Shakeology, it is my daily dose of dense superfood nutrition and a non-negotiable in my health journey. It is something that I cannot say enough about and I drink it ever day.
  • Your 3-day Refresh kit.
  • Me as your FREE Coach!
  • Access to my online wellness studio!
  • Entrance into the Set Your Soul on Fire Shift!

If for some reason you are joining late, I still encourage you to get the kickstart pack so you can have the refresh in your back pocket just in case you have a crazy weekend, go on vacation or just feel like you need a reset in between programs.

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