Some of my favorite Shakeology recipes mixes coffee into a Vanilla or Chocolate Shakeology shake, but Shakeology has upped the coffee game by introducing their new flavor, Café Latte. I was able to taste-test and review the new Café Latte flavor a few months ago, and let me tell you, its super yum!

Shakeology Cafe Latte Review

Café Latte flavor isn’t just a new flavor slapped onto an old formula, either. This new flavor uses some revolutionary superfoods, incorporating something we hardly see much of, but should! The coffee FRUIT. It looks like this:

Shakeology Cafe latte - coffee fruit!

New Shakeology Café Latte includes this fruit, along with all the other goodness Shakeology is known for. It lends more coffee flavor to the shake, along with dense nutrition and makes it a more responsible drink, lowering the carbon footprint for coffee production by utilizing parts of the plant we don’t normally use.

That’s great, but how does it taste?

So imagine you are drinking your favorite iced coffee frappe…it’s kinda like that. Robust, creamy, full of flavor…not too bitter and light enough for coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers.

What are the Cafe Latte flavor ingredients?

All kinds of goodies that supply your body with protein, essential nutrients, probiotics, minerals and fiber to combat hunger and fill in the gaps in your diet so your body performs like the machine it was designed for. See the nutrition label HERE*.

Does Café Latte flavor contain caffeine?

It has a little caffeine, the same amount contained in ALL the Shakeology flavors, which is 75% less caffeine than you find in a cup of coffee.

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What if I want to try Café Latte flavor but still want my favorites?

There’s a new flavor pack called the Barista Triple Combo Box. It has 24 packets of your favorites including new Café Latte, Vanilla and Chocolate Shakeology.


Shakeology cafe latte

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*Chocolate Shakeology label – contains same ingredients with slight difference in flavor ingredients.