Soul On Fire Super energy bowl (my “go to” breakfast these days!)

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I want to preface this recipe by saying I am eating over 1800 calories a day now! A HUGE calorie rich meal like this helps me get in most my macros EARLY as I don’t tend to like to eat that much! It fills me up and along with my huge meal of Shakeology later in the day — I am able to really make a dent in my eating goals + get the nutrients I adore.

I also don’t feel deprived from all the fruits and sweets I love! I am definitely someone who would rather eat desert all day in the form of fruit than protein from an animal. So I have to disguise it the best I can. I am also living on an island so I don’t have access to as much fresh produce as I used to have in the states. I’m making do and so can you!

This Super Energy Bowl Recipe is NOT paleo but these days I’m eating around 85/15 Paleo to not just keep me sane but to also help me have VARIETY in my diet which is key and what the body mostly responds to! This is for someone who may be eating a diet higher in carbs.

I am currently eating about 45% carbs but that may change! I am always changing how I’m eating and trying new things! Adding + taking away calories and seeing what works and what doesn’t. The FOUNDATION of this type of structure came from the 21 DAY FIX so if you are looking to have someone coach you through this program — you can get the challenge pack HERE then email me to be added to my online wellness community!!!

Remember, this is a journey and there’s no ONE SIZE FITS ALL to diet + exercise.

Super Energy Bowl Recipe


Soul On Fire Super Energy Bowl Recipe

Macros in Grams:  Carbs: 84 Fat: 27 Protein: 17

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