Country Heat is going DOWN!

I always get excited the night before I start a new Beachbody program. I look through all of the materials that come with the pack and I get to know what the workouts are about and what the schedule is. I plan out what I am going to eat and figure out my calorie bracket. I go grocery shopping and get set to kick some ass! I feel this way every time I am set to start. I’ve done this for 6 years through all of the programs I have done as a Beachbody Coach and before I became a Coach. It is exciting! There is that little bit of uncertainty and anticipation that something new is about to happen, that I am about to challenge myself. This time around I am starting Country Heat. I just finished up the Beachbody Ultimate Reset with a big group of girls and I will have a blog post sharing our results up soon. It was an amazing experience but during the Ultimate Reset you cannot workout so I had a few weeks of not pushing myself and let me tell you, I am ready to get moving! I chose Country Heat because it is a good program to grow with. I have done some of the sneak peek workouts on Beachbody On Demand and I had a BLAST! I love to dance and if I can work up a sweat while having fun and not beating my body up with a lot of impact I am all in. Another reason I chose Country Heat is that I cannot go full force yet. When you complete the Ultimate Reset you have to follow a schedule where you ease yourself back into working out and eating a more traditional diet. With Country Heat I can work up a sweat while shakin’ my booty and I can push myself a little harder each day through the 30 days of the

Here is what I learned going through all the Country Heat materials last night.

First, let me say that I unlocked the program on Beachbody On Demand yesterday while I was in the car. IT was so easy and it went right through Itunes and was immediately available in my Beachbody On Demand home screen. Talk about convenience. We were on our way home and had about a half an hour in the car and I was able to look through the meal guide and check out the workouts. The meal plan follows the color coded portion control container system that Beachbody has become known for. I am excited to have this plan to follow. It is easy, I can do it anywhere and it feels good to have a plan and to know what is acceptable on the meal plan. There are some really good southern inspired meals in the meal guide and with the new FIXATE Cooking Show on Beachbody On Demand I have access to a bunch of other approved recipes. When it comes to my nutrition I have found that the less I have to think about it the better so this works wonderfully for me. The base pack comes with 6 workouts but I chose the deluxe so I could have a couple more routines to add in and do the deluxe calendar which has more variety. One of the cool things about the way Beachbody developed Country Heat is the “move breakdowns” that are available for each workout. The moves are simple but the breakdowns allow those of us who may be a little challenged when it comes to dancing to get the basics down before we jump into the workout. This is awesome because it allows us to feel confident and get right to learning the actual routine when we start the workout instead of trying to learn the routine AND the moves. The music for each workout is really good. I am not the biggest country fan but I like everything I have heard and I even recognize a lot of the songs and artists. They went with some HUGE country hits, not some synthesized or generic music for the soundtrack. Here is the Country Heat Song List if you would like to see for yourself!

what to eat during country heat

Let’s get this thang started!!

Today was day 1 for me. As I mentioned before, I have never been much of a country fan but I can honestly say that I got kind of nostalgic when I fired up the first workout. I grew up in Miami, Florida and was by all means a punk rocking raver chick, but my three best friends senior year were country girls. They drove old pick up trucks, one would even ride her horse to my house in the Miami suburbs. They’d make me listen to classic rock and country music and even drag me down south to country bars. By the end of my high school days I had transitioned out of my punk phase and into my hemp necklace/beach bum stoner phase but my friends and their classic rock and country music stuck around. Today as I was dancing with the Country Heat crew, covered in sweat and having a blast, I wanted to transport back to those carefree high school days of ditching school and hanging out at the beach with my friends every day. It was a fun trip down memory lane and an awesome workout, to me, cardio is supposed to be fun. I am so grateful for all of those times in high school but I am so glad that I chose to change my habits and get healthy in my 20’s! It’s cute to party your ass off when you’re a teenager but not when you’re in your 30’s! I have been struggling with my cardio lately because I lost the fun in my fitness. I have found that if I cannot find the fun in my fitness it is hard to sustain. Today was a blast and I am so excited to go through the next 29 days of Country Heat! This is going to be a great gateway into November and the full swing of the Holiday Season. After all, how can you feel stressed if you are spending 30 minutes dancing your butt off every day?

Fall Into Fitness with me.

If you would like to join me I am starting a Fall into Fitness Challenge on Monday September 26th and Country Heat is on sale through the end of September! There is still plenty of time for you to commit to your health and fitness goals for the fall. This is the time of year that people fall off, they decide to put their health and fitness and in many cases themselves, on the back burner until the dreaded New Year’s Resolution time. That is why I always make the choice to double down on my fitness this time of year. I have it all planned out through the end of January so I can hold myself accountable and end this year in better shape than when I came into it! If you would like to get in on my Fall into Fitness Challenge and chart a course for your own health and fitness for the next few months message me. I am always available to people who are looking to make themselves a priority and change their lives.

fall is the perfect time for country heat

Anything is possible with commitment and dedication. Join my Fall into Fitness Challenge starting September 26th!