I just got off the phone with my last call of the day. I got a few coaches started off right today and talked to an existing coach who lost her way on her journey but is ready to get back on track and it really made me reflect on these past few years. It was really cool to talk with a new coach who just joined the team named Sara. She’s literally been watching my story from day 1 via social media from the day I decided to do this thing. No fitness background. No business background. I could not afford anything, overweight, not be able to do jack shit because I was stuck in the routine of work, school, work, school like so many of us are! Which is fine if you’re happy but I truly was not. I felt lost and confused, mostly sad.

She shared with me that she was angry that she hadn’t signed up those 3 years ago when I had and has “wasted” all this time watching me do it when she should’ve. That SHE could be making 6-figures a year, traveling the world but instead she just watched. She’s only 29 years old. It only took me 3 years to build my at home biz to a 6-figure income. It’s never too late to start! I assured her that it was not time wasted. It was time she spent building conviction and as long as she looked at those years as a learning experience, none of it was in vain. We all are on our own journey and it takes what it takes!

I also shared with her about how I set goals from year to year and achieved them but that they were from YEAR TO YEAR. They didn’t happen overnight and right up until we took this picture of me in Italy a few months ago on the TOP 10 trip, I had really honestly enjoyed the journey. I love the feeling of consistency daily to lead up to the big party! Standing on stage at Summit this year was cool but when I look back over the year, the memories are what I really treasure. I’ve enjoyed the journey much more than achieving the goals. I love being in hot pursuit of things and I love the growth it takes to get there.

Something that was said at leadership last week is we have to constantly be growing more on the inside than the outside and I truly see the value in that. It was really cool to hear from the mouth of another that I have shown her it can be done and I look forward to watching her do it herself. That is one of the most rewarding things about my career, is plugging people into the same tools I used to get to where I am and watching them become more.

Hope you’re having an inspired Tuesday.


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*This picture was taken in the doorway of an Italian wine makers house in Tuscany. She made us lunch all from scratch from her garden, while her daughter sang and played music for us. It was a moment in time I’ll never forget.*
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