After struggling with emotional eating and self medicating her way through her 20’s, Amber tried to lose the weight with every gimmick diet she could find. With lots of hard work, home workouts, smart lifestyle changes and support from her team,  she has changed not only her body but her life. Congrats to you Amber! Read her inspiring transformation story below.

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In Amber’s words:

I have always battled my weight and struggled with emotional eating and drinking. In my 20’s I partied pretty hard and the weight crept up. I self medicated with food, alcohol and drugs to deal with past trauma.

I suffered from severe heartburn, sleeping problems, low energy and depression. My diet was horrible. One day I saw the picture on the left and was SHOCKED. I was in total denial since I had never weighed myself. I tried lots and lots of dangerous weightless solutions:

Cabbage soup diet, juice cleans, weight watchers (only eating horrible processed zero calorie foods) HCG and weight would come off and then come back. I hated exercise and was never an active person. I always wanted the quick fix.

Finally, one day I decided enough was enough. I wanted a LIFESTYLE i could stick to. I wanted to LIKE exercise. I wanted to be confident and happy and not count calories. I joined my first beachbody challenge group in Oct 2014 and lost 7 lbs. I repeated 21 day Fix 3 times, followed by Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix Extreme.

I’ve lost 25 lbs and 20 inches and I’m keeping it off and now focusing on building more muscle. I’ve never been happier or hotter! I have more energy for my son and I enjoy eating healthy and exercising. Im so happy I decided to do this.

Amber Transformation

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