This Tuesday, I’m celebrating Candace, who made an amazing transformation — inside and out — with personal coaching, the support of the Set Your Soul on Fire Beachbody team, home workouts, healthy eating and her own determination to create a better life. It just shows you how far you can change your life with the right mindset.

Here’s Candace’s story in her own words:

Candace’s Transformation

Transformation Tuesday: Candace

“The girl on the left was in need of extra cash, distraught, unhappy, extremely stressed juggling grad school and work, had anxiety, just lost her uncle who was like her father & had to be strong for her family. I had no control over anything in my life and was always worrying about everyone else – I didn’t slow down to take care of ME. When I stumbled upon my coach Amy back in May, I knew that I had to do something to change my well being because I knew that my negative mindset and destructive behaviors were bringing me nowhere.

The girl on the right is not as hard-pressed for money, feels happy & confident, has little to no stress, has not felt anxious in over three months, lost 8lbs, and has learned to put my own well being FIRST. I have found that being able to take care of myself helps me be better help to those I love, and I just FEEL good now. I’m controlling my mindset with personal development, sharing my struggles with my team, and sweating it all out.

I love my simple workouts & nutrition plan, my superfoods, and my team who has supported me every step of the way! I can’t express how amazing it feels to pay it all forward, too!”

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