HAPPY MONDAY! Here’s a bit of #MotivationMonday

So, I spoke at an event Saturday about having a VISION (I’ll get the recording up this week) which is a topic I am VERY passionate about.  I truly feel that this opportunity is the BIGGEST thing anybody could take and run with & I truly DO think it’s for everyone. Not because of money. Not because of success but because it satisfies all 6 human needs AND lays a foundation for HEALTH, which for me is the #1 most important thing in our lives. So, part of my job is to be healthy, fit and continue on that journey while inspiring others but what comes from that is extra special. There’s A LOT more to it and I hope I can illustrate that for you in this post. Please read on…

This opportunity gives me the ability to have CERTAINTY in my life that I will never have to worry about where my next pay check will come from again. If I’ll be able to afford my groceries or gas. If I’ll get laid off or fired. If I get pregnant, I don’t have to ever worry about finances or where my child will have to go to daycare because I can be a stay at home mom and run my business. I know not what my future holds but I do know that I will be taken care of in ways I could never have imagined. The universe will provide. What you seek is seeking you.

I am blessed daily with a life full of VARIETY from the new fitness programs that come out to traveling monthly, sometimes weekly all around the world. Something I only thought possible in my wildest dreams. I have come to find out, life isn’t about balance! I thought for the longest time that it was and it’s not. What a relief. I for one, do not thrive on balance. I thrive on seasons, change, growth, adventure and FEELING ALIVE! If you don’t have variety in your life. You are stagnant. Thanks to this opportunity, I get to work with a variety of people, I get problems to solve, goals to set, a business to run. It’s always evolving and so am I. I get to grow with my business, my team and my friends. Life isn’t a straight line, we need variety to feel alive.

I get to GROW! It’s part of our “3 vital behaviors.” I literally have to spend time daily growing. Today I did a Dharma Talk with Noah Levine, listened to Tony Robbins, I will attend an AA meeting and will get to take a break after I answer my emails to practice Yoga. That is part of my “job.” I am my career. My career isn’t building a business or getting abs. My business is ME!! The more I grow, the more my life grows and when you are in a constant state of growth you are living. The more I grow the more I have to offer others. If you are not growing, you are dying. Either thrive or decay. I choose thrive!

CONTRIBUTION is what I do daily. I SHARE my struggles. My ups. My downs. I share success stories to inspire others. I offer free nutrition trips. I try to make people’s days better. I COACH FOR FREE! I mentor many many men and women, also for free. I get to help THOUSANDS of people lose weight, get healthy, quit their life sucking jobs to design a life they can be proud of. Pay off debt. Avoid debt. Be stay at home moms. Retire their husbands…whatever it is, I GET to be a part of that. I have always had a desire to share my life with others and it is a privilege to get to to it daily. I love the connection I get to make with people from all over the world because of what I do here. <3

Then there are the two basic human needs that get met that FEEDS MY SPIRIT. Feeling SIGNIFICANT and have a CONNECTION with others. I can’t explain what it feels like to have people stand in line at an event to tell you you’ve changed their life or hug someone in tears who is shaking because they are filled with so much emotion. To be recognized on stage for my achievements. To be able to sit down with my team and hear them pour their souls out, cry together and achieve together. To have REAL bonds. To get to be connected to people on a daily basis through my Facebook groups, calls, video chats and texts that are all connecting over the same mission but are all on their own journey with different goals. I am FILLED UP EVERY DAY.  I can remember the shell of a human being I was before all this was presented to me like it’s being presented to you now and I know there are more of you out there! More of you like me, who are seeking something better and bigger. Something that will make your days meaningful, purposeful, give you a vision for your life, to be creative, full of heart and will align with your values.

It exists and it’s not too good to be true. It will just take courage for you to do something outside the box. It takes hard work to make your dreams come to fruition but I guarantee it’s the single most exhilarating thing you could ever do and that’s coming from an adrenaline junkie! 😉 Hopefully we talk soon. <3