3/365 – Light & Shadow is the first photography assignment you get in photo class. If you are doing this project with me, trying playing around with different lighting. I took this while the sun was setting, that’s the BEST lighting. Dusk and dawn. My husband said I looked mad in this photo, haha – resting bitch face strikes again! I had JUST finished my workout and was super sweaty but I needed to capture that light! I saw my facial expression as an opportunity to talk about the silver lining. What is the silver lining? It’s a metaphor for optimism. No matter how bad things may seem, there is ALWAYS a silver lining.

Today was one of those days! We got a call a pipe burst and flooded our garage and downstairs in our house back home, some drunk idiot side swiped our car and left pretty bad damage AND a very strong personality really tried me on a public forum and all I saw was opportunities to take the HIGH ROAD. It’s easy to fight with someone, or get pissed about circumstances or think “why me” but we are not victims. Most of us live in America where we have CHOICES. THAT is something to be grateful for EVERY DAY.

What did I choose today? I chose to go to dinner with my Diamonds and laugh all night, giggle and talk about how exciting this year will be! We will all be meeting up in Jamaica, Cancun and Costa Rica over the course of this year. I chose to push play on my workout and enjoy our last sunset in San Diego while we waited for word on our house. When we went to grab dinner and saw our brand new truck wrecked my FIRST thought was “wow, I’m so grateful I can afford to fix that!” My second thought was “wow, that guy must’ve been drunk, I hope he didn’t hurt anyone last night!” Then my third thought was “that totally used to be me, I’m so glad I don’t drink anymore!!!”

Did you have an opportunity to practice excelsior today? Or this week? It’s the beginning of the year and other people’s actions are not going to ruin MY day! 😉 I’ve got a pretty dang amazing life to live and NOBODY has the power to take away my positive energy unless I give it to them. I used to fight everyone, argue and go at it with anyone who crossed my path but then I realized that’s all EGO and not me and I decided that I was done cultivating that energy or wasting any of my precious time on people, places or things that are not ADDING to my life. Try it! <3 To me, this is a HUGE part of the SELF LOVE Project! Protecting my body, mind and soul. Join us on Instagram: @amysilvermanfitness #365Amy


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