It takes a plan and some massive action to truly THRIVE. That is what we are going to work on. 2020 is YOUR year.


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“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” That is no secret. You have to know what you want in order to be able to achieve it and it has to be specific! It sounds simple but in my experience many people are not crystal clear on what they actually want out of life. They have not sat down and thought about where they are and where they want to be. This takes a certain amount of introspection but also the confidence to take an honest appraisal of where you are while rooted in the knowledge that you have the power to change your situation in any way you desire. This is one of the main focuses of my THRIVE & DESIGN 2020 GROUP. We will develop a clear picture of where we are, what we have done this year, and also where we are going to be next year.

Health is the foundation to a happy and fulfilling life. I believe this wholeheartedly. How can we possibly expect ourselves to process everything happening in our lives if we are not treating our bodies well? To really maximize the end of this year and propel yourself into 2020 we are going to work on increasing your fitness and dialing in your nutrition so that you can truly attack your life each day and work tirelessly on the vision for your life that you will create. You can enjoy the Holidays and be healthy, we are going to show you how!

We all know this is the season of pumpkin spice everything and sweet holiday treats with huge celebratory meals. Did I mention that I love this time of year lol? I will be giving you tips, tools, and tricks to navigate the holiday food minefield while still enjoying the festivities and not starving or feeling guilty.

Managing stress and staying committed to and focused on your goals is another key to a healthy and fulfilling life. I remember when I used to look at things that happened in my life negatively and wonder why things kept happening to me. It took me a long time, and a lot of work, to realize that my mindset was holding me back and that I was in control of it. Life wasn’t happening TO ME, it was happening FOR ME! Changing this perspective takes commitment and it takes training yourself to be a can-do person who meets challenges with an empowered problem solving attitude. I know what a dramatic effect changing your mindset has on day to day life, relationships, and overall happiness and this is why I am passionate about helping those I work with develop the mindset that they need to live the life that they want to live. That is why mindseat will be a big part of the THRIVE & DESIGN 2020 Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit from this group?
In short, everyone. If you are looking to make a positive change in your life and do not want to wait until new years to get to work on the new you then this is the group for you. If you are looking to develop a clear vision for your life and also look at the positive things you have accomplished this year then you definitely need to join us.
What fitness program will we be doing?
There will be options for all fitness levels and workout preferences. The only thing that is a must is you have to be committed to a program but remember, this is about YOUR goals! So, we will find the perfect program for you.
I need to work on eating healthy, is this group for me?
Without proper nutrition there is not much benefit to focusing on fitness. We will cover making healthy choices and also navigating the holidays and all of the nutritional excess that comes with them. I am all about developing healthy habits not crash dieting or starving. If you are ready to make the change you will get the tools in this group. You can even choose to kick it off with a 3 Day Cleanse that you can get at a discount with this group.
Can I share this with a friend?
It is always easier to do this with a friend and if you are in a relationship I highly recommend doing this group with your partner. My husband is doing it with me (we do it every year together). Everything is better when the people closest to you are healthy and happy and have an awesome vision for what they want out of their lives too. The more the merrier! If you have friends who are interested, talk to me about how you can get your products for free by including them.
How long is this group?
The group start on December 2nd and will end on Decmber 30th. We will have accomplished a lot by then and it will be time to keep the momentum going into the New Year. I will be doing LIVE WORKSHOP ZOOMS with you every Sunday as well as providing the tools for you to achieve all your health, mindset and fitness goals.

2020 is coming. Fill out this form to take the next step and be sure to check your email in the next 24-48 hours formy reply:

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