“Busy, productive people are highly efficient with their time — they must be in order to survive. Being an excellent time manager doesn’t mean that you must become a workaholic. On the contrary, time mastery allows you more time to do the things you love to do, the thing that are truly meaningful to you. Time mastery leads to life mastery. Guard time well. Remember, it’s a non-renewable resource.” Robin S. Sharma

When I first started working my business my days were scheduled from the time I woke up, to the time I went to bed. I always had time for more. I never said no to anything, I just penciled it in. I had the time I woke up scheduled, my lunch, snack time, my Beachbody “power hour”, homework time, commute time, work time…everything! I used to talk to my dad a lot & he would say just that “want something done? give it to a busy person.” When referring to me & the way I ran my life. One of the things I see people struggle with most when achieving their goals with Beachbody is the lack of respect for time. Time WILL pass, you will get older & you’ll either look back on your life proud of all you’ve done with tons of memories of travel & accomplishments or look back & think “it was an okay life.” Which do you want? I know what I want!

Do you take an hour on Sundays to sit down & plan your week? Do you take 10 minutes in the morning to sit down after your personal development to plan your day? Make your to-do list? Or do you make excuses & say “it’s too early to wake up.”. Do you really think that extra hour of sleep is going to do much in the long term of you reaching your goals vs an hour of planning your week? Or is waking up, getting vital behavior #3 done FIRST then making sure you made time for everything you need to get done is set & ready? Are you setting yourself up for success or complete burn out? You don’t have to run yourself ragged to be successful but you MUST take time for self mastery, meditation, a walk outside to clear your mind, personal development…etc…

I literally had ONE HOUR day to work my business my first year. 60 minutes & with that time I grew my business to $500/wk in 11/mo. But I probably got done what most people get done in 6 hours because I was focused, I used my BAT (at that time it was something different), I did the 3 vital behaviors & on my days off I made sacrifices! I’d maybe take my dog to the park to get outside but the rest of the day/night would be spent working on my business. Every hour, minute or second I had to spare I was being productive with. I felt good! I felt productive! I felt energized! I was accomplishing many goals & kicking butt! That feels much better than slothing away in front of the TV or going out drinking on the town.


What can you do better in your life to respect that time is passing? What are you doing to develop ‘time consciousness?’ “Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return. Those who use time wisely from an early age are rewarded with rich, productive satisfying lives. Those who have never been exposed to the principle that ‘time mastery is life mastery’ will never realize their enormous potential.” RS