August is here, which means that this is a new month and we have fresh opportunities to make our lives exactly what we want them to be. To change our lives for the better we will likely have to make some changes or improvements on what we are currently doing  and evaluate our priorities. The good thing is that we can choose to change our lives for the better at any time and honestly, what better time is there than the beginning of the month? It just feels like a fresh start right?

1. Evaluate your progress so far.

To kick this post off I want to ask you a few questions. How is your year going so far? Is there anything that you know that you could be doing better? What are you doing well?Is there anything that you committed to or any goals you set this year that you have not been making head way on? What have you accomplished since the beginning of the year?  If we do not take accurate stock of where we are and do not have an accurate depiction of where we are headed then we cannot expect to make meaningful progress. I suggest doing a little writing on the questions I asked, do not get down on yourself if you are not where you want to be or if your progress is not what you committed to earlier in the year. Self pity or being overly critical of oneself never lead anyone to happiness or fulfillment. Just write honestly with no excuses or judgement.

2. Take positive action.

Grab your writing for #1. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for what you have been doing well this year and all of the things you have accomplished (if you are reading this and thinking that you have not accomplished anything this year I am challenging you to lighten the F up on yourself. You have done SOMETHING this year that you are proud of. If you honestly cannot come up with anything then go do something awesome right now, help a person who is down on their luck, call your Mom and tell her you love her, make some positive headway on a project you started and never finished or just go workout.)
Anything you are less than stoked about from your list should be looked at as an opportunity to grow and change. Make an action plan for the things you have not accomplished and schedule it out in your week. Make sure that you do something every day to move yourself toward your goals. If you want to get started on your health and fitness and you have your program and Shakeology but have just not followed through then get to it NOW! Plan your meals, go press play immediately, no thought just action. Look at your previous goals and see if they are still your goals or if you need to adjust. This step is easy, again no judgment or self criticizing, just action and adjustment.

3. Set some big ass goals for the rest of the month and the rest of the year.

Make an action plan for each goal. Make sure you can do something daily to keep you moving in the right direction and connected to your goal. Think big and think about what you really want. There are a ton of ways to set goals and a lot of differing opinions on goal setting. I want to give you 2 things that MUST happen: you must write them down with pen on paper. You must tell someone you respect and that you are accountable to what your goals are and when you will have them accomplished.

4. Make a reading list for the month of books that will help you with your goals.

Here is an example from my life. I am deepening my connection to my spirituality and my sobriety by reading Refuge Recovery by Noah Lavine and A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle. I also have on my kindle: Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the new Science of Success by Brad Stulberg. These books are all being read simultaneously so that I can focus on different subjects when I want to. The point is that they are all things I work on and I feel that you should be reading a personal development book and a professional development book at the same time. We need to develop our skills in all areas if we want to not only be successful but be fulfilled. Google around and read a lot of different summaries of books on Amazon until you find the ones that will keep you on the right path. I will have a list of PD books I recommend up on this blog later in the month.

5. Find a Success Partner.

This is someone who wants to be successful in their own lives. This could be someone who wants to be as fit or fitter than you and is willing to go the distance through all of the success and hardship. This could be someone who is starting a business like you are and you two can mastermind and push each other. The point is that this is someone who will not listen to you BS and you will not tolerate theirs. You will set goals with each other and hold each other accountable. You will brainstorm solutions and never dwell or let the other person dwell on any shortcomings or hardships. You can have multiple success partners in your life but make sure that they never turn into excuse partners. No consigning allowed.

6. BONUS!!!

Deepen your mindfulness for August. Pay attention to your focus and be more intentional with your speech and actions. Focus more on what you want and less on what you do not. Consciously replace any fear and doubt you feel with compassion and confidence. When you notice yourself feeling afraid of something or doubting your skill in some way consciously choose to feel confident, “if you find yourself saying,”I cannot do that” do not forget to add the word “yet” to the end of the sentence.” – Eduardo Briceno

With that, have a seriously kick ass August and if you would like any help building some positive habits around health, fitness, and nutrition I have a Challenge Group starting very soon. Message me through this blog or at!