I am so proud of Cobye’s astounding success with Beachbody home workouts, healthy eating and consistency. She changed her life after gaining weight from giving birth to 3 beautiful babies. She gave them her all, and decided it was time to invest in HERSELF, making her an even better, healthy and happier mom. Here’s Cobye’s inspiring story in her own words:

Prior to Beachbody my life was pretty crazy. I was not overweight as a young adult, however after my first pregnancy I had gained 64 pounds. And after 12 years and 4 more pregnancies the weight was still there. I felt miserable, I had no energy. I was ashamed of my body. I hated shopping for any kind of clothes. I avoid pictures and mirrors. I hated that I couldn’t keep up with my children and I was tired all the time.

Before Beachbody Weight Loss

Disclosure: I am affiliated with Beachbody and this post may contain affiliate links I earn a small commission from. That said, I use Beachbody products myself every day and recommend them to my closest family and friends as a life changer!

I would often pretend that my weight wasn’t an issue and feed myself excuses to continue eating unhealthy and that I was just going to be overweight the rest of my life. After my 5th pregnancy I had medical issues and my bad habits had started affecting my children as one of them had gained 13 pounds and his clothes didn’t fit him. That was my wake up call. I found my coach through a Facebook group. I saw this picture of a gorgeous girl and Shaun T. and they were all talking about P90X and Insanity and I asked “Hey what is this all about?” She messaged me right away and told me about Beachbody and her Challenge Group and a meal replacement shake called Shakeology!

I instantly connected with her and joined my first challenge group with TurboFire!

I had Amazing Results, lost 11 pounds and countless inches I was hooked to my new Lifestyle! Since then I have completed 5 other Team Beachbody programs (P90X, The Ultimate Reset (3x’s), Insanity, Combat, and T25.)

My Results

70 Pound Weight Loss with Beachbody Home Workouts

I’m now 70 pounds lighter and I Feel AMAZING! My life has completely changed for the better! I’m so much more active with my kids, I have lots more energy, I actually LOVE to go shopping, and I am not ashamed of my body.

I will smile for the camera! I am also so grateful for Shakeology! Not only has it helped me keep the weight off but it has helped me with my migraines. I had suffered from them since I was 18 (I’m now 34) and after drinking Shakeology I haven’t had a migraine in almost 2 years! I’m also a coach on our Team And I Love helping other people by paying this AMAZING opportunity forward.

Without The Support from my Mentors, Teammates, Friends, and Family I wouldn’t be where I am today. We are a Family that supports each other through anything and everything. Being a part of  TEAM Beachbody has changed my life and my families life in such a wonderful way. I’m thankful that I took a chance to see what could happen and you know what? I haven’t looked back since.

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