Every week my bad ass team kicks ass with not just their own health goals but helping end the trend of obesity by helping others get inspired in the process. I share a lot about health & fitness but another part of my life I am very passionate about is the coaching opportunity. There is something so very rewarding about building a life that you can be proud of based on the foundation of helping people and in turn, live out your wildest craziest dreams!

When I heard there was an opportunity to work from home getting paid to get fit and take care of myself I couldn’t believe it was true! Here I am almost 5 years later still on fire about coaching, my team, my career choice and so excited to celebrate the coaches on my team who are following in my footsteps. If you want to get seriously inspired today, read their stories and if it inspires you – come join us!! There’s plenty of room for more souls to set on fire here on the team.

Kelly W.

First off, Kelly W. who went DIAMOND today! Kelly is a busy mom of THREE boys and signed up on the team just a little over 4 months ago and has not just decided to go balls out with reaching her goals as a stay at home mom-prenuer but has also been killing it with her fitness and walks around with a killer 6 pack!! She always felt like crap, she ate whatever she wanted and January of this year she took out her T25 and decided enough was enough and started killing it with her fitness! As a busy mom with 3 boys she could find 25 minutes a day to smash her fitness and then decided to become a coach and pay it forward because of her passion for wanting to help people become healthier. She wants to help other moms reach their goals and feel happy!

Diamond Coach Kelly W.


And now, the shiny new Emeralds on the Beachbody Set Your Soul On Fire Team!!!


First, Ruth is from West Virginia and became a coach after joining my Sneak Peek. At a young 50 years old she is re-writing her story! She wants to be a coach because of the freedom is gives you. She doesn’t love her job and it makes her work long hours and her motivation for doing this is really so she can live her life healthy, be able to be with her friends and family and get her time back! She really wants to live life not just work through it! She also wants to inspire other people her age to do this as well, which I find very courageous and inspiring! So at 50, she’s getting back in shape and she’s changing her life. You go girl!!!!!

Emerald Coach - Ruth



Next, we have Wendy who is a stay at home military mommy & is also in school to get her Master’s degree in Accounting with a focus on Taxation. She signed up with my Sneak Peek in July after never hearing about the Beachbody coaching opportunity before but decided to follow her heart and believes wholeheartedly the Universe put this in your path for a reason (gives me goosebumps just typing this.) So, she’s taking a small break from college to really feel out whether coaching may be her truth calling in life which I find so awesome!! You never know what your dharma is till you allow yourself to go through it and school will always be there to finish.  She’s been a volleyball coach in the past and she loves coaching people! She’s passionate about health/fitness but just didn’t realize that there was a career like this out there till she stumbled upon the opportunity that would give her a life she never thought she could have! She truly wants to just live an active lifestyle, be around for her son’s school vacations, sick days and spend time with her hubby without worrying about time off.  You are on your way and kick booty girl!!!! This is a rad story and I love how you two follow your hearts!

Emerald Coach - Wendy



And now we have Keisha who works in a customer service call center and her words says it’s “awful.” Her biggest motivation for being a coach is freedom! She hates her job and feels like she’s chained to it because it pays the bills. She’s also had amazing results using the Beachbody home workout programs and it’s the only thing she’s been successful with! She knows with Beachbody she will meet her ultimate goal and so if she’s going to be getting in great shape, she may as well make getting fit her full time job! You’re off to a good start girl. Never ever give up on your dream life!!

Emerald Coach - Keisha



Next is Joie! She’s been physically active her whole life from competitive gymnastics to sports throughout high school and college so having exercise in her life is important to her! She loves how it makes her feel but knows that it’s easy to let slip (especially when starting a family) so what better accountability than being a coach? She wants to inspire women to put their health FIRST on the priority list because in turn it makes you a better partner, mother, sister, friend/etc and the confidence you gain from it is priceless. So much yesssss!!! She loves encouraging others, so she has decided to make it her career! She’s married with two boys and is new to Beachbody but fitness is fitness and starting accountability groups is what has made coaching so valuable to her because it’s given her the motivation to do the home workout programs and release the stress necessary to kick ass in her life! Love it!!

Emerald Coach - Joie



And now Emma!! She’s a graphic designer and website manager for a company that restores historic buildings and is almost to the point where she can work part-time from home and be mobile! Yay!! The dream!! She got her 200h RYT (for those of you that’s don’t know that’s a Yoga teacher certification) in May and has been subbing at a few classes locally! Her main goal is to achieve freedom to spend her time as she chooses and not work a 9-5 J.O.B and schedule her day how she wants! She’s going to pay off her student loans and take care of the ones she loves both financially and with their health. She has a HUGE family and she wants to help all of them get on track with their eating so they can live a long healthy life. The Beachbody coaching opportunity is a no brainer and she’s going to help everyone with it!!  She also likes to be challenged both physically and with her nutrition, so she’s going to lose that pesky last 15lbs while working on herself, helping others and making her dreams come true! Sounds good to me girl!!

Emerald Coach - Emma



And last but not least we have Dahviya! She’s a stay at home mommy but used to work as a Pharmaceutical Sales rep and has her Master’s Degree in Education with an early childhood and elementary education endorsement. She’s also working on her Special Education Endorsement in a second grad program so as you can see — she’s a smart cookie!!! She wants to be a coach because she also loves to work out and eat healthy. She’s a natural born introvert and wants to help others so through this she feels she can help people deal with anxiety/stress while feeling a bit more in control in this crazy world! She’s married with 3 children loves to travel, comes from a marine family and is naturally shy but obviously is coming out of her shell to make this work for her! Proud of you girly!!

Emerald Coach - Dahviya


If you are ready to start transforming YOUR life just like these inspiring women did, contact me today: amysilvermanfitness@gmail.com or by filling out the little form below.

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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings