The Island State of Mind Giveaway is my very FIRST blog giveaway and will be regular thing here on Amy Silverman Fitness…and it’s super exciting! I had the best time visiting and choosing goodies from local shops on the island in Puerto Rico, as well as and artists at the Rincon Farmer’s Market. Buying from them supports what they do and–even better–makes a gift for my readers! Spread the love <3!

Also included are some very special items that are close to our heart and created by my very creative husband and partner for Set Your Soul on Fire. Plus some favorite products and Beachbody swag too (of course!). Here’s the lowdown on what you can win in the Island State of Mind Giveaway

All the Stuff! Beachbody Giveaway

The Goodies

1. Set your Soul on Fire Industries muscle tee. – originally designed for our top Beachbody coach team #SYSOF it has easily become our most demanded clothing item that will be the first design to launch with our clothing line: Set your Soul on Fire Industries later this year. Be the first to wear it and be able to say “I have one of their first tank top ever made!” Instagram @setyoursoulonfire_ind

2. Handmade mala bracelet by Set your Soul on Fire Industries designer Kevin Mashburn who is on track to launch his own mala designs in the coming months! This is one of his first designs made when we were living in Bend, Oregon! It is made with turquiose, sandalwood and amazonite–a very powerful stone. Be part of history and win this piece of jewelry made with love, passion and the energy of a soul set on fire by life.

3. Screen print by Uncharted Studios, Rincon PR @the_uncharted_studios I stumbled upon this company before I even moved to the Caribbean when I saw one of their designs on a surfer/yogi chick I was following on Instagram! I found myself floating around their shop the first week I got here and wanted to share their message of creating eco-friendly silk screen printed art/clothing from their small business in Rincon, Puerto Rico! Their designs are inspired by everything ocean so of course I fell in love!

4. Hand painted art piece from Rincon, Famers Market Artist Angel L. Soto Vargas Many of you look forward to my farmers market hauls on YouTube but what I never talk about is all the amazing artists that set up shop every week as well sharing their passions and hustling at making a living with them. I love supporting people who are talented and so I picked up this piece for you so you could have a piece of the Rincon Farmers Market on your desk until you make the trip here yourself. Hopefully it will bring you the sound of the ocean and remind you what you’re working for every day!

5. Island Lyfe coffee scrub and lemon lip balm Instagram: @island_lyfe The first week I got here I went to the Thursday Art Walk and met these awesome ladies! It’s made with…

Puerto Rican coffee, which are nutrients rich in antioxidant, caffeine, vitamins, and essential minerals that are known to target irritated skins and help reduces the appearances of wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, and varicose veins. It may relieve itchiness, soreness, and redness of the skin caused by psoriasis, eczema, acne, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hairs, and dry skin. This scrub exfoliates, hydrates, and conditions your skin leaving it clean, soft, and glowing. The benefits of regular scrubbing can detoxify your body, and are known to help improve blood circulation, reduce fluid retention, and replenish your cells with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also encourages skin cell rejuvenation for younger and healthier looking skin. 

I also threw in a lip balm because who doesn’t love soft lemony island ocean kissed lips?

6. Palo santo wood from Ocean State of Mind Instagram @oceanstateofmind I love my incense and every peaceful home needs a smudging every once in a while so I included this for you to bless your space that you live in every day! If you’re not spiritual, it makes for a great incense, bug repellent and emits a beautiful smell and it last forever! It has been used for thousands of years by the people of South America and can only be taken from a dead tree that died of natural causes and lay on the jungle floor for years. Bring this amazing energy with you wherever you go or simply keep it by your bed and enjoy the aroma as you fall asleep at night.

7. Chocolate & Chocolate Vegan Shakeology samples: Shakeology has been a staple in my nutrition and for almost 5 years I’ve been drinking it pretty much every day! Not only does it help me maintain my physique, aide in anti-aging and many other health benefits with 70+ superfoods, digestive enzymes, probiotics and all the other goodies but I haven’t gotten sick in years! The last time I caught a cold was last year for a few days but it never got in the way of my travels, health regiment, work and was gone before I knew it! With the amount of traveling, adventure and energy I like to bring to my life, the last thing I have time for is being sick!! Especially with the holidays and flu season around the corner. I’m excited for you to try it!

8. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset Alkalinize formula which comes in the detox I recommended in a former blog post. It helps with your body’s resistance to natural inflammation. I love adding a packet to my Shakeology for that extra boost of health that I personally require to stay so active and happy! The Organic alfalfa grass, Organic kamut grass, Organic Wheat Grass and Apple Cider Vinegar powder promotes a healthy immune system and enourages cellular growth which helps bring your body back to a healthy pH balance!

Puerto Rico Island Giveaway

How to Enter the Island State of Mind Giveaway

It’s easy to enter to win ALL THE STUFF in the Island State of Mind Giveaway. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below that will take you to our pages for follows, comments and also comment on the blog for 5 entries (make sure you log it in the Rafflecopter form)!

The giveaway ends October 31st at 12am EST when we will announce the winner and start the next giveaway. Your must be 18 to enter and live in the U.S., U.S. territories or Canada. Read our official giveaway rules here.

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