“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
-Jim Rohn



Before I Started Coaching

As I boarded the plane this morning I took a moment to close my eyes and take a trip through the memory tapes that are stored in my mind that led up to this moment, rewinding back to 2010 and what my life looked like.

A typical Wednesday would’ve meant I was coming off a 2 day weekend (the pizza restaurant I worked at was closed those days). I’d probably be putting on the same uniform I wore day in and day out — a faded black t-shirt, black pants and black danskos. I remember taking the Muni to work sitting in between tourists and homeless people, the streets still smelled of garbage from the night before and I was headed to open the restaurant.

I lived paycheck to paycheck and had everything budgeted down to my bus ticket. I’d even walk to work sometimes not to get exercise but to save 2 bucks. $4 both ways was a lot of money for me back then.  Money was an issue not a tool and it brought me more pain, anguish and stress than anything else. I was a slave to it and it controlled me from what I ate to how I dressed to what I did for fun.

That is not a way to live.

I was about to hit rock bottom with my health and it would forever change the direction of my life in ways I would never be able to wrap my head around. Ways I try to help people realize day in and day out by sharing my story.

I want you to know a few things pertinent to this message about Amy 5 years ago:

  • She was drowning in credit card debt
  • She lived in a tiny 500sq. ft. studio apartment
  • She drove a 97 Honda CRV that was on it’s last leg
  • She maxed out credit cards just to afford clothes
  • She waited tables
  • She had no fitness or business background
  • She didn’t use social media that much
  • She couldn’t afford to take her cat to the vet
  • She never traveled
  • She had never afforded a trip out of the US
  • She only traveled to see family
  • She lived in the red in her checking every week
  • She over drafted weekly
  • She was always late on rent or bills
  • She worked full time and went to school full time

Honestly, the list goes on and on. The stress of having to work doubles to afford to live. Racking up debt on college tuition that I didn’t even NEED to be successful. Being heavily influenced by those around me thinking I needed to follow in the footsteps of those before me and live a “typical life.”

The false reality of thinking I needed to graduate from college, get a “good paying job”, buy a house with a white picket fence, hopefully be able to afford a newish used car, pay my bills, have kids and then die. That’s what I thought life was!

All I knew was I was going to continue going to school till I found something I was passionate about and could give me a 6 figure paycheck — but guess what? There was no such thing. You know why? Because I was meant to be an entrepreneur and I had no idea! I was never told there were opportunities that “normal” people didn’t pursue. That there was a life that you could design, doing something you loved and being able to literally design your life the way YOU see fit. Not society!

What Coaching Did for Me

Well, today I sit here on a plane about to take off to a dream come true. A true life by design. I moved to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico.  I’m not a broke traveling yogi with a backpack running away from reality. I don’t work in a bar 6 months out of the year and live with my parents and pretend on Instagram that I am living the “wanderlust life” when in reality I have debt and no wealth. I’m not some trust fund model girl who has been traveling the world her whole life blessed with a beautiful body and narcissistic-ally shares her “above average” life on Instagram with nothing of value to offer besides pretty pictures. I’m not any of those things and I would never pretend to be something I’m not to make you envious or sad about your situation. What am though is you. A normal chick who decided to do it the right way. Not the wake up at 80 years old broke with no plan way. Not in a way that if I got pregnant I’d have to put a halt on my lifestyle or with temporary fulfillment. I did it in a sustainable manner while helping others.

I share my life because I want to breath life into people. I truly feel this is what I was put on this planet to do. Everything that has happened in my life that led up to this moment has happened so I can help people who are not on their true path step on the breaks and take a hard turn into working for the life they really want!

I didn’t know the business I was getting into when I got into it. I didn’t care what people thought about what I was doing. All I knew was it was the only way I would ever live the life of my dreams and I believed in the possibilities! I always knew my life would become my vision board but I had to be patient, work for it and never give up.

Here’s the thing though. I would be coaching even if I had to still live paycheck to paycheck. It’s the freedom, travel and life of service that gives me purpose today.

Amy today:

  • Is able to afford a move to an island
  • Is able to drive cross-country without worrying about missing work
  • Is able to make 5 figures a week
  • Is able to afford a beach house while she looks for a long term home
  • Is able to afford to buy a new car upon arrival
  • Is able to pay to ship her dogs
  • Is able to stay in hotels along the way
  • Is able to fly business class to her new home
  • Is able to do this all with her husband
  • Is able to do all of the above in cash — not once touching a credit card

Why it Worked

It’s not about the money. It never was and you know what? The people who try to make this business “a career” without first having the belief in the Beachbody company, products and community never make it. I have never met a coach who just does this for the money and sticks around long term. I never became a coach for that reason.

I became a coach because my health was the most important thing to me before anything else and I wanted to have the ultimate accountability. I wanted to use social media as a tool to help keep feeling inspired and motivated on my fitness journey. My journey to old age, my journey to optimal health and to show others that if I can overcome my physical limitations and become the person I am today by healing my insides with the superfoods that were in Shakeology — anyone can!

I felt the mental, emotional and spiritual change that happened to me in the initial 6 months before I decided to be serious with this and I become a person I never ever thought I could be. It’s not about a paycheck and it’s not about saving people — it’s about showing people that they can WORK for what they want.

I will admit: my coaching style is different than other coaches and that’s because I believe in empowerment. By living out my truth I truly hope whoever is reading this gets inspired to reach out to me. Wether it be to join my wellness community, take it up a notch with their fitness, explore holistic healing through Shakeology or become a coach on the Beachbody Set Your Soul on Fire team and pay it forward.

Wherever you are in your life, just remember. The time is going to pass anyway so you may as well be spending it doing what you love. If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.

With typing that I also realize how cliche it sounds and I honestly thought that meant finding a JOB that gave me just enough to make me THINK I was living out my true passion in life but what I have realized is that our lives should be our work. WE should be our ultimate project. Our life should be what is lived out and what is worked on. Not trying to build a savings account, paying tuition or taking orders from a boss. We are the boss of our own existence and that is what I’ve truly realized. If you’re reading this and thinking “why not me, why not everyone I love? Why not live a life with passion, excitement and adventure?”

I am my job.

Living In Puerto Rico - How Beachbody Coaching Changed My Life

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