Hey there! Who gets up early in the morning and wonders just what to fix for their breakfast? Healthy paleo breakfast recipes can be repetitive, difficult, or just boring! We love our eggs in the morning and often have them boiled and ready to grab for a quick breakfast on the go with fresh fruit, but if you are looking for some more creative paleo breakfast options, check out some of our favorites below. We’ve included some of the best breakfast skillets, along with special-occasion breakfasts like pancakes and quiche (and the omg-good artichoke & eggs). Enjoy!

Paleo Breakfast Recipe - Shredded Chicken with Baked Eggs and Salsa

Shredded Chicken with Baked Eggs and Salsa

1. Shredded Chicken with Baked Eggs and Salsa from Real Food by Dad

Chunky salsa with shredded chicken and an egg, sunny side up added on top. This delicious mix is easy to make, requires minimum cooking and is baked in a ramekin. With minimal preparation, this is the perfect breakfast.

2. Hazelnut Pancakes with Blood Orange Sauce from Paleo Leap

Start the day with some pancakes and OJ, but this recipe definitely gives it a twist with a sticky sweet blood orange and raw honey sauce. With some hazelnuts added on top, these pancakes are definitely to die for!

3. Healthy Skinny Spinach Pancakes from The Wellbar Journal

Another twist on the classic pancake, spinach pancakes are healthy, wholesome and have plenty to offer. Topped with some fresh berries or strawberries, you will definitely enjoy these delightful delicacies.

4. Mini Crust less Vegetarian Quiche from Veggie Balance

Quiches are extremely versatile and this delicious mini vegetarian and Paleo quiche will make it easy for you to eat more than two. Their small size makes them perfect to have on the go.

5. Scrambled Egg with Tomatoes from That Girl Cooks Healthy

You can never go wrong with scrambled eggs, but these are gluten free, dairy free and extremely paleo friendly. With some heirloom tomatoes, spinach and garlic added to the mix, these eggs are going to become a favorite.

Best Paleo Breakfast Recipes - Paleo Sausage Egg Muffins6. Paleo Sausage Egg Muffins by Tastes of Lizzy T’s

Moist and juicy, these Paleo sausage egg muffins are a healthy way to kick start your mornings and give you a boost of energy to keep the munchies away.

7. Orange Blueberry Gluten Free Muffins from Mom Loves Baking

Gluten free, paleo and oh-so-delicious, the flavor profile of these muffins is exceedingly mouthwatering. Made with almond flour, orange and blueberries gives you a fresh burst of juicy goodness with every bite.

8. Pineapple Protein Chia Seed Pudding from The Healthy Family & Home

Full of pineapple goodness, this pudding is easy to make and SO yummy! It is also completely organic, vegan, raw and extremely low in calories while packing a good dose of protein and Omegas.

Paleo Breakfast Recipe - Eggs Baked in Artichokes

Eggs Baked in Artichokes

9. Eggs Baked in Artichokes from Foraged Dish

This recipe takes a little more work — and not everyone has a liking for artichokes like we do (omg LOVE), but this is a recipe great for an amazing brunch or dinner. Made with eggs, some lemon and parsley, this paleo recipe is definitely a must try.

10.Sautéed Chard with Baked Eggs from Whole Food Real Families

For anyone who loves greens, this sautéed chard with baked eggs is going to be your new favorite. Fresh, healthy and paleo-friendly, you can easily make this within a few minutes. Try it with sunny-side-up fried eggs too!

11.Roasted Poblano Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash from Plaid and Paleo

This sausage and sweet potato hash is extremely filling with some sausage added to it, you can have a breakfast, which packs a good amount of healthy fats, carbs and proteins in one simple dish.

12.Cold Brewed Coffee from Tasteaholics

Coffee is everyone’s favorite pick me up but this is one is definitely one you have to try. Brewed in a completely unique manner, this coffee is simple, easy and captures all the flavors of good coffee beans and is STRONGER without the acidity of heat-brewed. The recipe shows you how to easily brew it at home.

13.Breakfast Skillet from Cooking up Clean

Our favorite paleo breakfast skillet with a bunch of tasty ingredients thrown in together: chorizo, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cilantro and more. With 2 to 3 eggs added on top, this delicious breakfast skillet is going to be your favorite too!

14.Shakeology Shakes!

Last but not least, these shakes are definitely our favorite meal of the day. I know that there are ingredients in Shakeology that are not 100% Paleo but for me the benefits of it FAR outweigh any negative consequences these ingredients have in large quantities.I like to mix mine (usually chocolate) with a few bananas, organic almond milk and ice for a quick and easy breakfast or meal on the go.